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  1. it was my "bowl" game...Taylors Falcons vs our rival Eastside Dolphins...The one play that was designed for me proved to be a disaster. There was a WR Screen for me...Never ran it during the season, and I choked on the big stage. Dropped the ball, and failed to realize it was a backwards pass. The Corner picked the ball up and tried to hand it to the ref...the ref moved and the kid started running...I did run him down at the one, but was unable to pull off a Roddy White type forced-fumble...Sad times...I would never be the same little league player again
  2. My first favorite team was the Denver Broncos...but In 1989 I started peewee football for the Taylors Falcons...I changed to the Atlanta Falcons as my favorite team then. It was a perfect marriage since they were the local broadcast team here in SC at the time. Unlike many other South Carolinians, I did not jump ship when the Carolina Panthers came into the league. I even went to see the Falcons when Carolina played them at Clemson University in that first year. I remember seeing Jeff George and the rest of the team getting off the bus.
  3. I let you guys pick the first play...I'll pick the last three.... 1st down...Matt Ryan up the middle for -1 yards 2nd down...Matt Ryan up the middle for -1 yards. 3rd down...Matt Ryan up the middle for -1 yards. Time expires...falcons win
  4. You will find me in section 316, row 15, seat 21...my guests will be in 19 and 20. I will be the guy yelling really loud wearing a JA55 jersey.
  5. Going South faster than the Chicago Bears on January 23rd (in Atl)?
  6. I really didn't think I would get in trouble...unless I did what my instincts said to do, which was to punch the guy in his mouth as soon as his feet hit the carpet in my department. How dare them disrespect my area with that Green Bay crap. I am, of course, only joking.
  7. A man wearing a Green Bay pullover was walking into my department and I jokingly told him I didn't allow people wearing those colors in my department...I thought it was funny, but I hope I don't get pulled into the office over this. I actually talked to the pathetic guy for a few minutes...turns out he is hoping to find tickets for the game. I didn't tell him what I was thinking (I hope you do not get tickets to the game). I also pointed out that we have already handled them once in our house.
  8. Me too...of course I thought the Saints may lose when I posted this thread early this morning. The NFL may cancel the rest of the NFL playoffs now that their OFFICIAL Team has been eliminated.
  9. The Saints get there butts whooped in Seattle? I know everyone has different theories about who they want to face next Saturday, but I think we all agree we would love to see New Orleans go down in flames, be it this week or next.
  10. I bet he will take us to the playoffs his rookie year. Shoot, I bet by his third year he posts 13-3 in the regular season and gets us homefield advantage...I know, I'm going out on a limb there. (ok that's exactly what I thought, but didn't post at the time.)
  11. So I'm stuck at work so I decided to dredge this old thread up. Good Call birdweiserr! Some funny comments on this thread though.
  12. I would love that. Plus, it would be funny to be the first Super Bowl team to reach the Super Bowl and still be ranked 7 in the power rankings.
  13. Why is Michael Vick referred to YKW? I see it on here all the time, and I know it refers to him, but why? What does it stand for. I would probably use POS to describe him...(not referring to Point of Sale)
  14. I agree. Too many people have trouble "minding their own business". Personally, I go to all the games I can, but when I can't, I don't feel bad about making a profit on my tickets...That's right, I said, MY TICKETS! When I buy them, I have the right to do whatever I please with them. Granted, 90% of the time it means making the 2 1/2 hr drive to ATL for the game. Sometimes, though, it means making $150 for $87 worth of tickets (last weeks game vs. Carolina)
  15. Good point. Sometimes we sell tickets because we have to. It would be stupid to sell them for less than what people are willing to pay, especially if you need the money. I'm all for giving tickets away or selling them at face value if it's reasonable for someone to do. That's just not the case for most of us.
  16. Personally, I go to every game I can. Season tickets and post season tickets are a strain on my already tight budget. I made it to 6 of the 8 games this year, but sold my 3 tickets for the Bucs and Panthers game on NFL Ticket Exchange. If I can't go, I want to get as much as possible for my tickets, even if it is face value. For Carolina, it meant $50 per ticket instead of the $29 face value. While I hate the thought of an oppposing team's fan sitting in my seats, sometimes I have to take that risk. Before hating me, please realize that I live in Greenville, SC and I can't afford to com
  17. Ok, I will see who can figure this out. The one do-over that would have been nice probably happened in October of 1979.
  18. Will all the trash talking going on, I expect 3 or 4 personal fouls. I hope Roddy White has gotten his trash talking done pregame. Maybe he has been talking so much to bait the Saints into throwing in a few cheap shots during the game. For the sake of our team, I hope everyone keeps their cool. Let the Aints do all the trash talking and shoving during the game. We could use a few 15 yard gifts from the Saints. Aside from that, I think the is a statement game for our defense. If we can force a few turnovers, and keep the saints on their side of the field, I think we can dominate the game.
  19. You may be right about Robinson. Sooner or later these teams are going to realize they can't throw to Grimes side of the field. Would be a nice late christmas gift for Robinson to come up big.
  20. Ever hear of a run-on sentence? I'm just sayin'.
  21. Wouldn't be even better if this game turns into a total Azz-kicking of the Saints? The Game has been built up, and it's expected to be another close game, but I wouldn't be suprised if the Falcons take control early, and the game never gets close. But, I agree with what you say about Douglass. I expect to see him in the end zone Monday night. Ryan will finally hit him on that go route.
  22. You only "kind of" stole my response. "Girls Gone Wild" Mardi Gras
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