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  1. I tried on ticket exchange but had no luck. I was able to sell the MIA tickets for the first preseason game. I"m in Greenville, SC so it's hard to make it down for preseason. Don't plan on missing any regular games unless we have homefield advantage already clinched...So I'll probably not go to the last home game
  2. I was unable to sell my Tickets for tonight, so if anyone wants them, please speak up. 3 seats...section 316, row 15, seats 19-21 (aisle seats)...Cost is---FREE! I will email them to the first one that speaks up on this thread. (that isn't a ridiculous troll)
  3. Your point would make cents if you wuld lurn to spale.
  4. Can someone PM me a good Pirated Video is Illegal link? I would very much appreciate it!
  5. I hate to beat a dead horse, but I didn't receive mine today either. I sold my tickets for tonight through the NFL Ticket exchange, but what a ridiculous clusterfreak of events. Next year Atlanta Falcons front office...Use the Pony Express! What a sad first impression of the 2011 season you are giving your true fans.
  6. Lol at #4...When i started reading that one I thought it was going to say "Michael Booker"..."Tim McKyer" was pretty horrible too.
  7. I agree, I think it's pretty crappy for them to screw around on sending out the tickets. I paid for the tickets months ago. No reason why I should still be sitting here waiting for my tickets. I don't blame you on the printing them out part. I know most people have printers, but I think this falls under the "not my job" category. The tickets should have printed the day the lockout ended. We should have had these things last week. In other news: Falcons said the plastic cups for concession stands aren't going to be in for tomorrow. So, anyone wishing to purchases beverages should bring the
  8. I agree. I would have stopped at 31, then listed...Dishonorable mention: Carolina Panthers.
  9. I was hoping to get mine today, but all i got was a netflix movie i'd already seen. Maybe tomorrow.
  10. I will! How much does it pay? I think the guy is Matt Bosher or something like that. Koenan is gone
  11. Hmmm...I thought CBS had the AFC Market throughout the country...maybe I'm mistaken.
  12. I haven't received mine. But, I was able to list my tickets for the preseason game on NFL Ticket Exchange through Ticketmaster. Just in case anybody wants to hate on me, remember I live nearly 3 hrs away, and have to work on Friday. September 11 can't get here fast enough.
  13. While NFL Sunday Ticket will keep me entertained on 9-11, 9-25, and 10-2, I'm still hating that we open 3 of 4 on the road. Second trip to ATL this year won't be until 10/9. I hope we survive those first few weeks of playing either on the road, or in primetime. If we can do that, we should be set up nicely for the 2 and 3 game home stands. I know someone posted about NFL Sunday ticket being expensive, and possible not worth it. I couldn't go without it. I took everyone advice last year and called and threatened to cancel in order to get a discount. I'm not sure I'm going to try my luck wi
  14. I like to watch the preseason games too. I know it's a good time for the coaches to evaluate talent, and I know it's a chance for players to earn the last few roster spots. But, if preseason isn't played, it won't change my opinion or excitement for the regular season. Besides,I could use the $180 for my preseason tickets for gas money during the regular season. I do hope they get everything figured out by monday so we don't have to miss out on ANY falcons football though.
  15. The CBA will be reached. whether or not we will have a full preseason remains to be seen, but who cares about watching preseason games anyway. I'm a season ticket holder, and I've been looking forward to Sunday, September 11 since the schedule was announced. Granted, I'll be watching from home on Sunday Ticket. But after we handle the Bears, we have a Sunday nighter in the GA Dome against Philly. I'll be like a kid the week leading up to Christmas during that week. I won't sleep well, it will be hard to focus on anything but Falcons football, my work performance will suffer. Ultimately t
  16. ****'s Sporting Goods Dome. Every Season Starts at *****...Week one games would be played rec league style...all 16 games are played in the dome in a 48 hr span...one admission fee.
  17. DJ as in DJ Shockley?...lol Or DJ as in Doug Johnson?...you know he could have started on half the teams in the NFL :P
  18. I would love for us to get him, but I don't think it's a possibility. I've seen him a few times in my store. I work in Anderson, right down the road from Clemson. Not unusual to see any of those guys in here.
  19. I shouldn't be here right now. Sitting behind the desk at work, eating M&M Peanuts. I'm supposed to be sitting in the Parking lot in ATL, Drinking Beer, and Wearing my JA55 Jersey. I was cleaning the kitchen last night and was sad to dispose of those NFC Championship Tickets. I, like most of you, really thought we were going to be playing today. Oh well, maybe next year. Go Falcons! By the way, screw you haters, Matt Ryan is Da Truf!
  20. What are you talking about? We didn't lose did we? I'm pretty sure the Weems TD return sealed the game. Crazy talk.
  21. I know...I still have to get showered and dressed...wait on my sister and my friend to get here...then there's the whole driving 2 1/2 hrs to get there...I know the time will fly by once I get down there...But, I'm very antsy right now too.
  22. I don't throw giveaways away, so I still have mine...for those who weren't there, they gave away cheerleader-esque pom poms at the Divisional playoff game in '98 that we played against the 49ers. I know some of you were there, anybody hold on to those a keepsake?
  23. I expect the Matty ICe storm will have significant, almost deadly, accumulations! Perhaps they should issue a winter storm warning for the Georgia Dome.
  24. I'm referring to an NFC South team that shall remain useless....err i mean nameless.
  25. Can we make it a point to bring up the snowstorm every 5 minutes during the next 7 years? Some other team seems to bring up significant weather events during every important football game, so I think it would only be right
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