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  1. Yup..Those prognostifications were always a message board hilight.
  2. What happened to Emmitt? I think his absence from the message board has been a key factor in those 3 losses we've had. I miss the total game breakdown each week that included how many cups of gatorade each player was going to drink. The regulars on this board will know who I'm talking about, but the new trolls will have not a clue.
  3. I hate to pick, but...We MUST root for the Saints. If the Saints win, it will give the Bucs a 4th loss. Pair that with a Falcons win, and you know what that means...chaos at the dome next week as we battle New Orleans for first place in the NFC South.. Side note: Go Patriots!
  4. Practical people should realize this. Half of the people on this board won't stop the hate until we draft a black quarterback who can run. This is evident by not only the number of times YKW gets mentioned, as well as the number of people still showing up to games wearing Vick jerseys. Sorry Matt Ryan doesn't show up to your dog fights or buy drugs from you! Get over it! Matt Ryan is our QB. You because you didn't want him doesn't mean you shouldn't be supportive of him. Just ask your mom (she'll know what I'm talking about).
  5. I had never seen it before. But, as I was on my way home from work, they were talking about it on Rawdog comedy on XM so I decided to see what it was about. Nice to see Grimes get some love. If he can get a couple of interceptions to help seal a win Sunday, he may become my favorite falcon.
  6. Well, I'm going to agree and disagree. I think we have game-planned for each team. But, I think we have underperformed primarily because our team has been looking ahead to this game. It's been circled on the calendar since the lockout ended. I hope I'm right.
  7. Anybody just see Tony G on the Biggest Loser? Recap. He immediately tried to eliminate the player with the Green Bay jersey first. Glad He is pissed about what happened last year. Don't think he or the falcons will let it happen again in our house! Oh, and of course they managed to throw in a "katrina" reference when Drew Brees showed up...big suprise.
  8. I know what I'll do. I'll drink another beer when I get back to the car.
  9. Leaving Greenville, SC at lunchtime. I'll be in the dome early. Section 316, row 15, seats 19-21 will be Pro-Falcons and Anti-Vick. I hate to wish harm on anyone, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings if JA55 got a hit on Vick to shake him up and cause him to miss the rest of the game. Go Falcons!
  10. As bad as we played, we didn't lose any ground in the NFC South...Hope we get it together before next Sunday. I, for one, think we will.
  11. Never ceases to amaze me how everyone looks at a bad game and fails to look at an entire body of work. You want to throw around the phrase "average at best"? Ok, I will make it work: Atlanta Falcons fans are average at best. I'm a Fan, and I'm going to choose to believe that we will have things figured out by next Sunday.
  12. I saw that too. Nice that he pointed out 4 or 5 QB's that are better than Vick.
  13. I looked at that game but decided to stay away from it. Kerry Collins is 113 years old but he can still throw the ball.
  14. Liquid diet today. Bud Light is fully stocked. I have some fireball whiskey that I may mix in a coke if the falcons start to dominate.
  15. Ok, so I'm releasing my expert picks for the early games at absolutely no charge to you. Steelers -1 over Ravens Lions pk over Buccaneers Falcons -2 1/2 over Bears Eagles and Rams over 45 I took Green Bay - 4 1/2 and the Over 48 1/2 in the Thursday game, so I'm hoping to build off that success. But, if the Falcons win, I couldn't care less about the other games. Anyone else care to share his/ her "expert" picks?
  16. I see most of you are smart. We all hate the saints and packers. But anyone who understands NFL football knows it is to our advantage for a division rival to lose in week one. Granted if the game took place later in the season we would need to look at specific scenarios. But, for right now, the Saints starting out 0-1 is the best possible outcome. For anyone rooting for the Saints I say this: When you graduate 3rd grade, come back and try again. P.S. I took the Packers -4.5
  17. ran across this article when I was looking to see who everyone was betting on for tonight. http://www.sbrforum.com/nfl-football/free-picks/atlanta-falcons-2-5-over-overrated-chicago-bears-team-a-21155/ Atlanta Falcons -2.5 over an overrated Chicago Bears team Wednesday, September 07, 2011 8:21 AM ET By: Bobby Brooks | www.sbrforum.com The Falcons came up embarrassingly short in 2010, but they come back this season more loaded than ever. Look for them to top the Bears in week 1. Atlanta Falcons @ Chicago Bears: ATL -2.5 74% of the action are coming in on Atlanta and we've seen the line mov
  18. Well, Maybe there will be a tie. Either way, I hope there are 16 turnovers in the game. 8 by each team. Green Bay wins 2-0.
  19. Trust me, I had to drink 2 beers before I could even type it. I know we all hate the Packers, but realistically we need to pull for them for just this week. Best case scenario is N.O. starting out 0-1, so when we stomp the Bears, we will have a bit of a head start on the team that is sure to be a our closest contenders in the NFC South. Agree?
  20. Falcons on the road Chicago concedes the game Philly you are next
  21. Nice..2nd year as a STH for me. My sister owns half of the 3 tickets so we always have to collaborate and find a mutual friend to take to the game. I'll let you buy me a pregame beverage one week as payment.
  22. No need! Just glad those seats are going to be filled with falcon fans. Let me know how you like it. Season tix for the 3 were 900, which included the 2 preseason games.
  23. If you want the tickets, they are yours. I ask that you don't sell them, though I'll have no way of knowing if you do. I will need you to PM me your email address.
  24. I'll bump it once again...I'm trying to hang around the computer so if anyone wants these I will have time to email them. Who on this message board thought 12 years ago that we would have the ability to "EMAIL" tickets to someone.
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