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  1. So, I'm apparently meant to go Sunday. I share half of 3 season tickets with my sister, and haven't missed a game this year. My sister can't go, so I was left with 2 extras. One of my guests canceled, the other invitee couldn't get time off work. That left me with a Giants fan, and an extra ticket. So, I cancelled the trip, and listed my tickets on the ticket exchange. Immediately, someone purchased 1 of the 3 tickets for more than 4x face value. $150 for my 33 dollar ticket. I went to bed last night with the other two tickets listed. An hr ago, I got a text from the girl I originally
  2. Sorry, I missed it. Front page has been polluted by too many troll topics lately.
  3. I have a strong dislike for the Green Bay Packers, and another loss on them can do nothing but help.
  4. I haven't heard mention of one key stat about our start...3 of those 5 wins were on the ROAD. We certainly aren't known for being a good road team, yet we have gotten the job done so far. In years past, this would have been unimaginable. I know we haven't played perfect ball, and that certain haters are gonna hate, but I've followed the team long enough to know we have a good team we can win games on the road. fyi...the other 5-0 team has also opened with 3 road games out of 5. One last point to my long-winded post...let's all hope for (2) 6-0 teams by the end of this weekend...educated fans
  5. So, after parking in a few lots over the last few years, I've finally settled on Lot C, which is right at the corner of the CNN Center. I've found it to be convenient to food, restrooms, etc. Also, there are some pretty good regulars that park there, my favorite being a lady who blows a loud "rape" whistle anytime a fan with an opposing jersey walks by. So, do any of you message board regulars park there? I've only heard mention of "colored" lots (as opposed to lettered, A, B, C, etc.)
  6. I'll be there. Leaving Greenville, SC by 6:30am...my season tix are sec 316, row 15, seats19-21. My alcohol blood content will be just about right by kickoff!
  7. just got back to greenville. This was the largest crowd, at kickoff of any game I've been to in the last 3 years. And it was loud! I'm glad I took today off...need a day of recovery. Funny thing is, we get to pull FOR the BRONCOS in 3 of their remaining games...
  8. So, at least a couple of the NFL AM guys like us to win...most notably Eric Davis. Funny when they were talking about the crowd noise, it was mentioned that Manning better have a good first quarter before the fans arrive at the beginning of the second. He said the reason for the late crowd was because Atlanta fans tailgate like nobody's business. I don't think thats the reason ...But, I'm leaving greenville in 2 hrs so I can have several hrs of tailgate time. Any other god-fearing fans, please join me in silent prayer that the weather system will hold off until AFTER the game! See you all
  9. Panthers/Saints. I'll be at work. Luckily I'm in retail and have a big screen TV in my department. Usually I schedule myself off for NFL Sundays. But, since I'm not going to miss MNF in the dome, I'm going to suck it up and work Sunday. It hurts SOOOOOO BAD to say this but...Go Pppp,ppppppp,paannnnnn,,,panthers!
  10. I'll be looking to see if my "high speed" internet connection will magically allow me to watch the game without too much lag on some type of "PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL" site. And to see if our starters look ready for Sept. 9 at KC.
  11. Was just about to post a topic asking for a good site, but instead, I'll keep checking this thread until gametime. If anyone knows a site but doesn't want to post the link, please PM me. Dayum Giants and Bears.
  12. Because this is a message board, and I'm allowed to speak my mind. K? Thanks.
  13. Most of you are smart enough to know that the Media following the NFL all love the New Orleans Saints. With that being said, expect this: As soon as the Saints Win a game or do anything good, The media is going to find away to make the Saints look like the victim in the Bounty-Gate scandal. They will probably throw in a few "Katrinas" to really lay it on thick. Luckily, I believe our Falcons will be crusing along with wins, leaving the Saints as a Non-factor in the NFC South.
  14. Try NFL Ticket exchange through ticket master. STH list tickets on there. If you are lucky, you can purchase some at face value. Tickets have to be listed at or above face value.
  15. Was the Georgia Dome pretty crowded for it to be a preseason game? I was in 316 and there were more people there than I expected. Probably won't be able to make it next week, but was glad to make it down for the game this evening. There wasn't separate lines for men and women to get into the dome, but I got skipped to the front of the line when people heard I drove from Greenville SC just for a preseason game. Hope everyone had a good time, and I'll see y'all September 17!
  16. So, I usually don't go to the preseason games, but I've decided to go tonight. I live in Greenville, SC, so it's a couple of hrs away. Bad part is I have to work today. I'm going to go in until about 3, then take a couple of girls from work down there with me. Going to be tough to focus on work knowing the fun evening I have ahead of me. I'll be repping section 316. See you all there!
  17. I didn't calculate the discount, but it was minimal, either 10 or 15%. Had to guess at the code since I couldn't remember it.
  18. So, I just ordered a couple of items from Falcons365 so I could take advantage of STH discount. Anyone know how quick they typically work? I know they say 1-5 business days, but some companies are better than others. I paid for overnight shipping, so hopefully they will get it out tomorrow. If you care enough to read the thread, maybe you want to know what I ordered... Julio Jones jersey that my sister wants for her birthday, and one of the Falcons Wordmark T-shirts for myself...Can't order Falcons stuff without also thinking of myself.
  19. So, Preseason football in the Dome is just over a month away. Generally, I try to unload my tickets for as close to face value as I can get. It's hard to justify taking time off of work to drive 2 1/2 hrs for a game that doesn't count. That being said, I'm strongly considering going to the game on August 9th. I'm really excited about the upcoming season, and this offseason has seemed to go on forever. So, what I'm wondering is: Any other season ticket holders planning to go? I'm mainly wondering about those who typically don't make the preseason games. Of the STH guys and gals, who drive
  20. Just want to congratulate the poorer of the Season Ticket Holders (such as myself) who can't afford to pay for tickets all at once, but chose the payment plan option. I just payed my credit card bill and realized that this was the final month of the payoff! I'm sure this doesn't apply to most of you. Just glad Atlanta offers this option for people like me. Can't wait for Sept 9th, but especially looking forward to the home opener against Peyton Manning and the Broncos on Monday, September 17th!
  21. You're right with your thread topic. The Taint's trolls will disappear, but we know they will be LISTENING to the conversations.
  22. Seat 21 is the end seat. I'm 316 row 15, seats 19-21 and my seat is the aisle seat... those logging in to relocate today, can you look to see if seat 18 is till available, as I am looking to add 1 this year.
  23. Very nice my friend, very nice. All I want for a christmas is a Falcons win on Monday night football!
  24. Smart people know the difference between "their" and "they're".
  25. I can only hope you are right. The sad thing is that the silliness he brought to the board was 176% more logical than 97.43% of all the topics started on here now.
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