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  1. When I first read the news about carrying only clear plastic bags into the dome I GASPED...then I thought "Well, this doesn't negatively affect my gameday experience at all. But I can't wait to see the biotching and moaning on the TATF message board." Anyone who is going to avoid the stadium because of the new rule is probably someone I wouldn't want to be in there with anyway.
  2. Looking forward to preseason game 1. I'm planning to make the 2 1/2 drive to watch that game. Have a friend who took me up to Cincy when the Falcons whooped them in '06 (I think that was the year). Dying for football action, even if it will only be preseason. Rise up!
  3. take a long walk off of surfside pier. I pick falcons to win 31-13
  4. For the first time this season, we have back-to-back home games in consecutive weeks. I know we played tampa to end the season, but we also had a week off in between games. In my opinion, that is huge for momentum. In a typical season, a team will have 2 or 3 game home stretches. I think this bodes very well for the Falcons. Been home since the Dec 22 game at Detroit, and have had this whole week to prepare for the 49ers. I expect the Falcons to come out sharp in all 3 phases of the game. Falcons can shock the world and beat the almighty 49ers. They haven't lost a game this season have
  5. 316, RISE UP! Also have 3 seats in 314! Can't wait to head down!
  6. How many of you were there in '98 for the divisional playoff game? It was one of the first games my dad and I went to. I still have the giveaway Falcons Pom Pom. What a game that was. Hope and expect a similar result this Sunday!
  7. Reminds me...do they still have the rule where the refs can call unsportsmanlike conduct on the fans if it gets too loud? I haven't seen that call in years, but I remember fans being warned in the early 90s. If it's still in the rule book, you can be sure it will come in to play Sunday. Today was loud, mainly because the Seagull fans weren't out in force like every other team we've faced has been. Hope to regain my voice by next week.
  8. They were going to, but they still had Russell Wilsons' junk in their mouths.
  9. He may start to like that lamp again. Because if he looks above the lamp, all he will see is "failure"
  10. I'll be in a red hyundai with STH stickers on the bumper. I'll be in black Matt Ryan Jersey. I'm sure my sister will be in her red Julio Jones Jersey.
  11. Ha...just as I post this , Raji jumps offsides to seal the deal...love it.
  12. Don't be sad. Go to Zaxby's, do a discount double-check and look at fatheads of each other. It will all be ok. If I didn't like GB before this season, all these commercials on TV make me ecstactic to see them knocked out before a potential showdown in the GA Dome. Rise Up!
  13. Anybody typically park in lot C? I'll be there around 915 in the morning, fully prepared to drink my breakfast. Pretty good tailgate lot. Hit me up if you park there! Rise Up!
  14. I'll give you a pass since you are a seahawks fan. But, there was a big deal made about the Falcon's fans egging the bus of the Saints this year. The end result turned out favorable for the mighty Falcons. So, I'd advise you not to promote that activity. It won't turn out pretty for your boys.
  15. Certainly JA55 won't miss this game. Questionable better mean Definitely! Glad to see William Moore listed as probable. Rise up! Anybody else repping section 316?
  16. I'm gonna call BS...unless you define the term "scalper". I bought 3 extra tickets in a nearby section, just for resale purposes. When I've resold tickets on the NFL Ticket Exchange, I've always made a profit. Does that make me a worthless scalper? If so, why? I'm a recovering stage 3 cancer patient, who sits in the cheap seats, and drives 2 1/2 hrs every Sunday to see my beloved falcons. Someone stands to profit on the game, why not me? BTW, I'll be in my section (316) well before kickoff. Hopefully, someone will be in section 314 in my extra seats. Maybe I'll even make enough money t
  17. Yea, I agree. I know I could make more money off the tickets I bought for resale if we played the Redskins, but I don't mind selling the tickets a little cheaper if it means 3 more falcon fans might be in the dome.
  18. his long would be a big one? hmmmm...sounds fishy to me. I'm guessing that is a typo.
  19. When it was obvious that both were contenders, I started picturing us vs. 49ers in GA Dome NFC Championship game. I was 18 in 98 when we had the 2 seed and bye week. My dad and I went to that game, and it's one of the best memories I have of all the games I've been too. Besides, I'm tired of the Packers. Tired of hearing about them, and tired of seeing them on every other TV commercial. Either way, Rise Up!
  20. I hear ya...me too. Where is your Tailgate Spot? I've been parking in Lot C for the past 2 seasons...at the corner of the CNN building. Great Tailgate groups. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I'm going to be leaving Greenville, SC 7am ish. That's 30 minutes later than normal. Hopefully I'll make it to the lot shortly after 9, and before much traffic is around. One good thing...There are a lot fewer fans around for SEA than WAS. Expect to see GA Dome packed to the Brim with Red and Black. Rise UP!
  21. Also, you can try NFL Ticket Exchange from Ticketmaster. Pricing will probably be cheaper according to who our opponent is. Most of those listings are season ticket holders who bought extra tickets in an effort to make a profit. I would probably by the tickets in 314 row 16, seats 1,2, and 3...won't tell you why I suggest those seats. Rise Up!
  22. plus have her drive back to greenville from ATL...ok, I'll stick with Win/Getting Laid. Don't wanna push my luck.
  23. I think we'll see The Manning's leaving Georgia 0-2 this year. Look for Falcons to get pressure on Manning early, forcing bad throws and turnovers! Matt Ryan and Falcons get an early lead, and keep their foot on the Gas. Falcons 37-17
  24. Probably But at least I made them pay 150 for a 33 dollar seat. Besides, I can arrive early, and sabatoge the seat he/she sits in. I just hate it's MY seat that sold...the aisle seat. I'll make sure to get up for a concession, restroom runs frequently, just to inconvenience the jerk...Or, perhaps it will be a Falcon Fan in 316, row 15, seat 21.
  25. Thanks, I'm just glad I'm not bringing a Giants fan...That would have been trrrrrrible.
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