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  1. In my opinion, the Bears game was by far the worst fan split of the season. I suspect the same on Sunday. 1 of my 3 seats will be occupied by a Steelers fan. If he doesn't act right, he'll have to find his own way back to Greenville, SC. One of the replies in this thread made a valid point. If the Falcons get off to a good start, we will be able to drown out the Steelers' Fans.
  2. Thanks for the feedback everybody! Based on your posts, I'll assume I'm in the end zone. These were given too me for early season ticket renewal. Taking a Pitt fan, and he's none to happy about having to discard his Pitt gear while we are on the field.
  3. feel free to join us in Lot C. It's near the CNN Building on Centennial Dr. We don't cook food, but we play beer Pong, Drink beer, and have a good time. We will also be harboring a Steelers Fan in our group.
  4. So, I have pregame sideline passes, and wanna ask you guys what to expect. I's sure we can't interact with players, but is it going to be as amazing as I expect? Should I expect a long wait if we attempt to enter between 11:15 and 11:30?
  5. Of all of the games you have been to, where do you rank this all time? For me, I have it at #3. Only 2 I place ahead are the NFC Divisional Playoff in '98 vs the 49ers, and the NFC Divisional Playoff vs the Seahawks 2 years ago. This was my favorite regular season game I've attended. I will admit, I didn't see the last 2 FGs. I took a knee in front of my seat and looked away, awaiting the crowd reaction. I've had a lot of personal struggles lately, and this win was a nice pick-me-up. So, where does this game rank on you all-time list?
  6. that's not how overtime works. IF they score a TD, it's over. Only a first possession FG would allow for a the second team to get a chance.
  7. As if we need another reason to hate Warren Sapp. His "Bold Prediction" for this season is: The Atlanta Falcons will go 4-12 again this season. Never liked this guy anyway. Granted, last year was rough, but 4-12 again? I think that was just taking a shot at Falcon fans, not an actual prediction. But, considering the source, who knows?
  8. Penalties! After watching how the refs are handling the new "points of emphasis", I'm worried that the Saints have one more trick up their sleeve. We all know the refs seemed biased against us, especially against the Saints. I just fear the game might come down to some "phantom" holding or PI call late in the game. I hope it's not the case, but I think we can all agree that Penalties are now going to be an even bigger part of the game. So, in conclusion, I need a hug, and somebody to tell me that everything is going to be alright.
  9. I think I'll call you Kurtzy Kittner. Are you from the city or the other 99.99% of NY known as Upstate NY? I too am excited about the season. I'd say I'm cautiously optimistic about the upcoming season. If we can keep Matt Ryan upright, and Create turnovers on Defense, I'll think it will be a great season. I don't think we have a "shutdown" defense capability, but I think we have a team of guys who can be opportunistic in creating turnovers. Rise UP! Congrats on your first TATF Thread!
  10. 316 Row 15 Seat 21 for the 5th year. Low having that aisle seat, even it is in the poor people section. I'll be ATL bound from Greenville, SC around 6am. I typically drink my breakfast, but my sister, and whoever we agree to invite like to grab food from the CNN building. But I'll be making my second trip down next Saturday for Preseason. Thanks to RIchard's Sporting Goods eliminating all 486 golf Professionals, my schedule is pretty open. I still haven't found anyone on here who parks in Lot C, next to the Park Bar. Would love to have additional challengers for pregame Beer Pong!
  11. Anybody seen the season tickets yet? Maybe we are still a week or 2 away, but 1st game is less than a month away. Has anybody heard of when they are to be sent out?
  12. The game plan is: Leave Greenville, SC at 6:30 AM with 5 of us packed in a Hyundai Elantra. Arrive in Atlanta around 8:56AM. Unpack Beer Pong Table, choose sides and play a few games. Walk to stadium around 12:15. Watch Falcons shock the world with 60 minutes of dominate football until 4:15 Sleep in the car from 5:00 till about 8PM. Check internet when I get home to make sure it wasn't a dream.
  13. I disagree. I think we need a Defensive Exclamation Point!!!!! Our defense is mediocre. We need 1 or 2 superstars to emerge. Alford or Trufant could fill one of those roles (eventually). Everyone is big on Weatherspoon, but even before his injury, I never saw him as a superstar, even if he is the defensive leader/play caller. But, as always, I have hope, and will be drinking in lot C early tomorrow morning. Rise Up!
  14. Have to pay some attention to 1:00 games. I'm deciding who to pull for in NY vs Car. I'm leaning towards NY since Car is a divisional opponent. NY isn't looking good, and I don't think they will factor in the playoff picture against us at the end of the season. Agree, or disagree?
  15. SaintRay, since you are a true saints fan, I must ask a question that has been bothering me. Do Saint's players have to pay the entire bounty, or do the fans also chip in? :-) I can't believe the NFL would schedule such a big game in week one. Don't know if my heart can handle it. I need a few weeks to build up for such a big game. Oh, I forgot...Rise up Atlanta!
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