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  1. I hope is wrong at the end of the day but during the free agency period he didn't miss a single cut or signing..
  2. He is very close to the organization and you dont know who i am either
  3. Lets see how it plays out. I hope my source is wrong and that we lose 5th or 6th you are too smart for this board
  4. Yea i will pull out a phone in middle of conversation and ask him to do what? Take a picture? I did have a conversation with a few reps that are close or in Atlanta Falcons and they have been notified that NFL is debating on taking away 2nd or 3rd this year. If it doesn't happen, i lose credibility.
  5. We will lose either 2nd or 3rd in this years draft. We will not lose the 1st round. Reliable source.
  6. I hope he has more decision making power than TD on this draft.
  7. You must be his wife. You are protecting the guy like he is a baller or something.
  8. I would not want HD and White. Neither one can stretch the field. We need a WR that can stretch the field opposite of Julio. It was easy to cover julio last night. They had a safety on top and lb on slants. Roddy and HD didn't do much otherwise we would be a happy message board.
  9. I neve said to cut Worrilow or Bartu..I said special teamer at best. They would not start on any other football team in the NFL.
  10. Todd is solid. Rex brings a lot of trash with him. He is a media magnet and can cause distractions for the team trying to wake up from a nightmare for the past 2 years.
  11. William Moore - he is injured most of the time. Restructure the deal - just make it 1 yr deal with prove it type. He is not a very good player in coverage and he has been conservative on run D. Kroy Bierman - i wont speak much on this guy. He is worthless. Babs - thanks to this guy but we need to move on. Bartu - special teamer at best Worrilow - special teamer at best Wilson - cut HD - cut White - restructure the deal or cut. He is going downhill at this point and not worth the money he is getting at the moment. Osi - cut Toilolo - not sure what the purpose of this guy is. He is like a wooden
  12. that was my thought process. Why hire the OC from the Elite offensive orgs. Brady, Manning and Rodgers make their OCs look the way they are not the other way around i guarantee you... agree with you on this.
  13. He will be gone sooner then later...This head coach eval process will be used against him as well since there is a consulting company that will be evaluating his thought process as well as finding a coach that can lead a team with no talent on defense and 4 talented guys on offense.
  14. and what does this mean? you think Alford is good or something? Do you know who Lacey is ? Alford is below average CB that covers his flows with the quickness. He does not know how to turn around, anyone doing quick slants against him will have a party. He would not start on any other team. The reason why is I said Jax is because ultimately its GM's decision who should be part of the team. Smith had the connection but TD had it with their GM as well.
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