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  1. The whole "board supports Coach Smith" turning into the founding of the FNCO may be recent, but the combination of that and the Hick'ry Stick, I hope, will be the longterm legacy of these boards.
  2. Glad to hear the tradition continues! Will be glad to donate, but without Paypal (evil company will not get my money!), what options are you going to be able to offer? I missed getting one of your cartoons during the first FNCO Auction, but I know putting copies of those back up, signed, would easily get you a bigger piece of action than the flat donation. I might even dip into the money I saved for Gritz' landscape Falcons painting of last year he was supposed to finish to go along side my FNCO Painting of his from the year before! Did that thing ever see the light of day, or is he going to have to redo a face or two and pass it off for this year? :P
  3. Root for very physical games that wear the winning teams out... preferably overtime. Also, for crappy weather and field conditions, and lots of "late hits" too.
  4. Was the most competitive league I've been in. Was so lucky to win! Can't wait to "defend" my crown next year. This is a great way to help the FNCO and have fun at the same time, so I really hope next year when we start earlier that so many more of the great fans here participate!
  5. Don is a machine! Wish I had taken his picks to Vegas. I forgot to enter the Christmas Week picks... and my comeback was going so well, too. Thanks again Rev for this annual reminder that I don't know football as well as I think I do!
  6. Man has my love and respect, for sure. So happy to have him at the helm, even for reasons beyond the football. Blank exudes class.
  7. What are you talking about? I didn't get any notification. :P (Are you sure you spelled my name right?)
  8. I want this m@th3r fu(king thread to be m@th3r fu(king bumped!
  9. They will have to decline the invite, though.
  10. His addition has had a hand in pumping up the fans, which in turn helps the team. Therefore, even though it is a small (very small) piece of the puzzle, it is a welcome and effective one I appreciate.
  11. Spoon: "Invisible cheeseburger!" Decoud: "Invisible trombone!"
  12. "Man. Wish I could wear a Falcon's Jersey." or "Man. All the great QB's get to wear a Falcon's Jersey. Why can't I get to wear one?" :wub: It's what he's thinking, I promise you! Maybe his man-love of Brett extends to his old Jersey pictures on top of his jealousy of how good we are now.
  13. Good article, but was the Vick stuff even needed to make his point. Seems he went on that tangent just to bring Vick up. I'd like to see writers stop doing that now.
  14. You heard him! Do our part (those lucky enough to go) and get there early! Make Noise, Falcons!
  15. When the doors open for Black Friday, it's every man for himself!
  16. Reverses seem to burn us when run against us and result in -8 yards when we try. I'd be happy to forget them from our offense.
  17. Thanks to Mark, Tim, Lindsay and Jay... you guys make us so proud! This award is truly a great bridge that connects the fans with the team, and makes what we have special. This, the FNCO... our fans are really a part of things here, and I'd have it no other way!
  18. I'm pretty "unlucky" with Jerseys... Till recently, I never got to wear them more than one year. I've gotten, usually the year before they left: Sanders Rison Tuggle George Mathis Dwight Chandler Anderson Vick (4 different ones here... thought it would be the last I bought for a while) Brooking Turner Ryan (2 styles) I may be forgetting a few. Regardless, once I got a Sanders, I've always made sure I had a jersey for hitting the bar and catching the games.
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