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  1. That Chargers Parlay advice above was the cherry on top. Tough week to be betting.
  2. I had to go with Roddy. I wanted to go with Bryant, as I'm really rooting for him after the tragedies he's overcome, but this award belongs to Roddy, even if Bryant put the polish on it for him.
  3. Well then, great minds think alike! I should have posted it last weekend so as not to look like Pat was before me.
  4. No, my actual thoughts. I was looking at the highlights of other games at halftime, and made the comment to my daughter about players on other teams that were once Falcons. When I realized it, I was surprised no one was mentioning anything about it anywhere. As the week has gone on, I decided to post about it. As soon as you hear it, you instantly think "yeah, I knew that" - but then you instantly realize how amazingly strange that is, and wonder why more people aren't mentioning it.
  5. So I was thinking. Last week (and now this week) out of 32 NFL teams, 4 teams had QB's starting that were drafted by the Atlanta Falcons. Ryan, Schaub, Vick, and Favre, or 1/8 of all starting NFL QB's. And while there is debate on the matter, all 4 can be considered successful. Just an interesting observation. Has any other team seen such proliferation of their QB picks before?
  6. I am far from one to cry mutiny, but I swear, the ability of this board to function continues to decline. Having chat, getting to post on game day, moderation of trolls, visual appeal, and access to a designer who can change things people suggest for improvement (seen several changes there for the better in the short time I lurked) means I'm joining there, if for nothing else than to get this board spurred to improve. I don't see anyone there as trying to replace this... only to improve the experience, and since it is desperately needed and not provided here, we should, as fans, support anyth
  7. Be great to finally have a Falcons song beyond 2 Legit 2 Quit to celebrate to. I get so tired of having Aint's bandwagoners play the U2 Aints song after they win, and not having something to follow it.
  8. Seriously? All-time-scoring leader not in the HOF? That's like keeping Ruth out of Cooperstown. Wow. :blink:
  9. I bombed this week. Too bad my picks translated to my bets as well.
  10. I, personally, think Jedi making an effort is great. Regardless of whether criticism of him is warranted or not, he could just ignore what people are asking and do whatever he wants. People should be receptive of his attempts, and help remind him should he relapse in the heat of the moment. I mean, when a guy reaches out an olive branch, you don't slap his hand away. Even small steps eventually bridge a gap. Good on you, Jedi.
  11. They really could not figure a better way to put ONE AD on the page without cutting an entire 1/3 of the page off and leaving everything below it blank? I've already taught my 7 year old to code html add-ins on web pages better than that. Should I get him to fill out a resume for the Falcons?
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