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    Check out my myspace. Sorry folks don't feel like typing haha

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bhain3s is what they call me, been out in DMV mostly my whole life...working on my Web Development degree right now, hopefully starting my own company with it someday, B.Designz...skies the limit...Been through a lot of ups and downs, and who hasn't these days, but each and everyday I learn and figure out what I want from life and how to get there.

I like to keep the party goin' foreal, definately like to have fun and make people laugh n have a good time, but there is a time to play and a time for seriousness... Ive lived in the country (Albany, GA) and the city (Alexandria,VA) so I have lived the best of both worlds, therefore Ive been thru more than u could imagine...Along the years, I've learned to accept & understand many different views of life, personalities and problems that I've come across, so I dont truthfully prejudge u unless u do unto me, so I trust people and I'm very patient with them to an extent...but it seems like each every day someone tries to take advantage of that, but Im startin to realize who is real and not real, I guess that comes wit maturity...

Real quick, I see myself as a honest person and really over the years Ive noticed that, thats probablly the best characteristic anyone could embody. Honesty goes along *** way people, and if you find yourself lying to yourself, or others you will not get far in life, Real talk...(I Sound Like ya Dad n shyt...HAHA, but I'm way More FRESHER!)...SO I'm a B easy, get at ya DUDE, B.Haine$. Get ya hustle UP!