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  1. Grimes and a 3rd to more back into the 1st?
  2. Said it in 2010, 2011 and again in 2012, should have traded him when he was worth something.
  3. How exactly did we go from hearing "so much cap space" to "got no money"?
  4. If it was coming from anyone other than Joe Horn it might carry some merit.
  5. The whole thread pretty much went right over your head didn't it?
  6. I down the guy because he's a punk who puts himself before the team.
  7. Posting winning seasons with no post season wins. Hope that changes soon.
  8. There were quite a few this past offseason.
  9. Depth since our secondary seems to always be hurt.
  10. Matt Ryan was also out for 2 or 3 games that year. I think it had to do more with him being out than Turner.
  11. Just replace the home red/white with the black/white or black/black. That was the home uni in it's first season and then they let the dumb fans vote and of course chose that fugly red.
  12. Trade him for what? Teams are not going to be willing to trade a draft pick and pay the guy top corner money. Overrated.
  13. Smitty did the right thing in taking responsibility, I would expect nothing less from the guy running the team. He's done far better than I have expected since coming to the Falcons but at this point we as fans are expecting more than just relevancy. We want postseason success.
  14. I also don't know who you've been watching if you think Grimes being out is the reason this team will lose.
  15. I guess Sanders isn't an option in Nickel situations?
  16. I know how bad Owens is, That's the only reason I am upset about Grimes not playing, the guy is the most overrated player on our defense... especially this year. **** I'm more upset that Hayden is lost for the season.
  17. lol I'm not happy that he isn't playing but **** you sure do hold a much higher opinion on the guy than I do.
  18. How the **** can you be fine for 2 games then suddenly less than 90 mins before game time not be able to go?
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