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  1. I use anytime fitness when my other gym is closed, it's pretty convenient.
  2. Please stop trying to solicit gay cyber to me.

  3. That you and your lover in the photo you homo?


  4. Losing weight isnt hard but losing your stomach is a PITA. You need to get your body fat % into near single digits for abs to show through. Good diet and cardio will get that fat off but it will be tough. Heck I've been eating clean and working out daily for near 6 months and I"m still not even close to being happy with mine.
  5. Yeah I remember you talking about being active at some point. It's just the HIIT isnt for everyone. You literally feel like you're going to die once you are finished (if done properly). If on a tred I would start out at a light jog (maybe 6mph) at a incline of your choice and then bump it up to sprint (around 10mph). You can sprint at 10 for 60 seconds then knock it down to 8/9 for another 60. Then just increase your time from there.
  6. 50 carbs seems kinda low if he wants to actually build some muscle while losing the fat. I think people (not pointing at you) get the wrong idea about carbs. Carbs and fat are essential in building muscle along with protein. You just need to know when to eat them. I agree that you dont want them for dinner though. You should ingest them before you go to work out.
  7. You should also note that not just anyone can/should be doing HIIT cardio. Especially not somone who hasnt done anything like that in awhile.
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