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  1. Isaiah Simmons S/LB Clemson, 6-4/230, 4.4/40. Look, we’re going to be in cap purgatory for a few years, so a trade up for Chase Young is out of the question. We’re gonna need all the picks we can keep for positions of need, stacking depth and replacing certain players leaving. If one thing has been proven evident, DQ’s defense needs an enforcer in the middle and that showed with Keanu being injured the last 2 years. I’m assuming Quinn has bought himself another year with the turnaround this second half of the season, so this has to be a homerun draft. Simmons has played S, LB, can rush the passer with his hand in the dirt or standing up, can cover receivers in the slot, backs out of the backfield, and Tight ends! Immediately steps in as the starter for Campbell at OLB which would be an upgrade and can play safety if there is another setback with Keke coming back from injury. Dude is just a freak athlete with elite speed and instincts with excellent length. Those who haven’t watched much Clemson the last couple years, just check out the dude’s highlights. Hopefully someone can be kind enough to post a few on here cause I haven’t figured that out yet. Thoughts?
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