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  1. Isaiah Simmons S/LB Clemson, 6-4/230, 4.4/40. Look, we’re going to be in cap purgatory for a few years, so a trade up for Chase Young is out of the question. We’re gonna need all the picks we can keep for positions of need, stacking depth and replacing certain players leaving. If one thing has been proven evident, DQ’s defense needs an enforcer in the middle and that showed with Keanu being injured the last 2 years. I’m assuming Quinn has bought himself another year with the turnaround this second half of the season, so this has to be a homerun draft. Simmons has played S, LB, can
  2. I think was drafted to be our returner. And DB depth
  3. I'm thinking need over BPA for Day 2 and our most pressing needs right now are OL and FS. Rd 2: OL-Jake Fisher/T.J. Clemmings Rd 3: FS-Jaquiski Tartt/Josh Shaw or Rd 2: FS-Eric Rowe/Quinten Rollins Rd 3: OL-Ali Marpet/Mitch Morse
  4. Of course I wouldn't bet the farm but if you think going up there and beating them for the first time in playoff history at Lambeau at that time was any easier than the circumstances in play for tonight then I completely disagree. Yes AR is playing lights out on a 4 win streak, but streaks get broken at some time or another. I don't agree with most in that our offense is that inferior to theirs. I also think both defenses have been playing opportunistic the last few weeks and don't believe they are that much better than ours either. Things are starting to come together and we might be on our w
  5. I was there for the playoffs January '03 with a buddy. Many packer fans thought of the game as a guaranteed win much like tonight. So we bought 2 tix from a packer fan who must of thought for sure his team would be playing next week in the divisional round. Flew in from atl and drove up early to tailgate and wound up at the Stadium View, I think that was the name, bar next to the stadium. Seemed like a better idea to drink inside where it's warm than out in the snow. Great place to go with decent priced drinks. Met a few Lions fans there who were there to cheer on the falcons and after a whi
  6. Hey man if you hear anything reliable let me know. I'm out here in Afghanistan without anything except I get up at 0300 to listen live on 790thezone and read these dam message boards.
  7. Im getting it now. Thanks fellas I couldn't wait cause I'm having folks over who some are ravens fans.
  8. Can anybody help me get my falcon fix on with telling me the best site for watching tonight's game live on the computer? I'm in panther territory and got the beer and wings but no way to watch the game. Please help.
  9. Here's something to ponder...how much of an indicator has the CB and DE market in free agency been for the draft. It's just speculation but since the corner market went much faster than the de's this year maybe teams see a lot of value falling to the middle rounds for ends where as a possible run for corners expects to happen early by the 3rd round. However I like it for us to be: 1. LB/DT 2. CB 3. DE 4. CB 4. OG 5. DT 6. DT 7. KR/PR 7. DE 7. TE 7. LB
  10. Keep in mind this works assuming Ogletree isn't drafted by the Bengals at 21st. But the Vikings will draft him at 23rd or 25th hence the reasoning for trading up.
  11. Trade: Here's my trade up scenario assuming TD wants to make the move to move up and grab Ogletree. I was hoping he would fall to us at #30 but I'm beginning to think that is highly unlikely. We trade our 1st, 3rd, and 4th for the Rams' 1st. Trade value looks something like this: Falcons 1st rd(pick 30) 620 pts + 3rd rd(pick 92) 128 pts + 4th rd(pick 127) 45 pts = total of 793 points. Rams 1st rd (pick 22) 780 points. So I think it's a very fair and legit trade for both teams. The Rams need to stockpile picks because they are still very much in the rebuilding phase and have many holes to
  12. I like Tank too when he was healthy. I guarantee you TD is looking for the safest bpa in the first round. Are window now to get the Lombardi has no room to draft someone who won't be 100% till 2014 till at least the 2nd round. We need an instant impact player with our 1st with no injury risks.
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