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  1. So we can't figure out the math. It is the NFL salary cap. It ranks in difficulty somewhere between Theoretical Astrophysics and Dividing by Zero. All I know is TD and his numbers beeyotch McKay are pretty good at this stuff. If we want Mario, we will get Mario.
  2. I don't think it has anything to do with his heart. It was indigestion from eating crappy Carolina BBQ. THERE AIN'T NO MUSTARD IN BBQ!
  3. Dangit! He was going to be a keeper in my Fantasy League!
  4. No matter what happens, I will always love Snelling for that bruising, snorting, "I ain't going down!" run that he had at the end of the Tampa Bay game to clinch our first ever BtB winning season. A freeze frame from that run is still my background on my home computer.
  5. It is hard giving up Season Tickets. I had to give up my season tickets when I moved from Atlanta. I spent weeks trying to justify keeping them and flying to town every home game. But the money just wasn't there. So I went to the Sunday Ticket. So now, I called up DirectTV and told them that not only would I not need their Sunday Ticket, I would not need their other services either. My wife was looking at me like I was a crazy person. She knows how much Falcons games mean to me. Only reason I had DirectTV was for the Sunday Ticket. I sure ain't paying their full price for a truncated season.
  6. I can't help myself. I will be back on the pipe like a good little crackhead. Probably angry with myself and crying about it, just like Chris Rock in New Jack City.
  7. We will never know for certain, but I am going to pretend that AB was standing in the middle of the room BEGGING everyone to come to an agreement and was willing to wrestle an alligator if it would help the negotiations.
  8. So I should ignore my Smack Dealer when my Crack Dealer is wiped out?
  9. I can almost guarantee that our first round pick will make it through 2011 without getting injured.
  10. This. Thank God my Alma Mater added football. And time to call DirectTV and tell them to jam their sh@t service right up their candy arses.
  11. ****. This makes me sad. Take a little time off from constantly checking up on my birds and come back to find Finn is cut. Later on you old warrior. You've earned a seat of honor right next to Weiner.
  12. Thank God for college football. I might have gone flipping nuts. Now they just need to get on flexing some of those college games to Sunday.
  13. Is someone implying that us honkeys aren't allowed to eat Popeye's? Or any kind of fried chicken? I feel a hate crime coming on if someone gets between me and my chicken.
  14. Jay always accuses Tony of using growth hormone to stay in shape. They are just ribbing each other. I think I read that they do some of that MMA training together in the offseason.
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