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  1. I dont beleive in that mumbo jumbo. Ryan will have a good year.
  2. Good news, but not suprising. There is no way in **** that the Falcons wouldn't resign Roddy.
  3. Welcome. The Newb fee of $20 goes right to my paypal account. Thanks!
  4. Agreed. I think he will perform well this year.
  5. I think he will get alot more touches to take some of the load off of Turner. I also think he needs to get alot more swing passes. He can really make things happen in the open field.
  6. If they signed him, I feel like they would use him more for a blocking HB.
  7. Vick to Oakland. Al Davis will find some way to use him. He loves speed, and Vick has that.
  8. Nice read. That is great that Ryan and Gonzo are becoming friends. Next, they need to get the chemistry on the field.
  9. exactly, and that is why I beleive HD is going to have a breakout season.
  10. Does someone feel like taking care of my airfare, housing and food payments?
  11. I dont think we are so low key anymore. Esp now with the addition of TG, teams know what we will be capable of.
  12. I was listening to NFL radio this morning and Bob Poppa made a good point. Favre and his agent always seem to be "one step ahead" and always set themselves up to be in control of situations. Favre "retires" to get out of his contract, and be released so that he can explore his main option, the vikes. And thats only one example. Favre is smart, he knows what he is doing. Now as for the situation as a whole, Im SO sick of hearing about it. I listen to NFL radio religiously and now the only thing I hear about is Favre's latest soap opera. If I didnt have to hear about him every 5 minutes then I really wouldn't care. If Favre still wants to play, good for him. But he needs to: A.) stop retiring B.) Stop creating Media circuses C.) SHOULD be wanting to play for the right reasons, and not to get back the Packers. (for I might add, doing the right thing and moving on because Favre can't make up his **** mind.)
  13. Smitty is a class act. I wouldn't want any other coach in the league.
  14. Exactly. Nobody thinks he is going to come out and be an Albert Haynesworth, but he is going to fit great in our rotation. We have good depth and it will really show when we have fresh guys out there on the field.
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