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  1. happy birthday durty, dont do anything i wouldnt! :D

  2. I dont beleive in that mumbo jumbo. Ryan will have a good year.
  3. Good news, but not suprising. There is no way in **** that the Falcons wouldn't resign Roddy.
  4. Welcome. The Newb fee of $20 goes right to my paypal account. Thanks!
  5. Agreed. I think he will perform well this year.
  6. I think he will get alot more touches to take some of the load off of Turner. I also think he needs to get alot more swing passes. He can really make things happen in the open field.
  7. If they signed him, I feel like they would use him more for a blocking HB.
  8. Vick to Oakland. Al Davis will find some way to use him. He loves speed, and Vick has that.
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