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  1. I hope you guys don't feel like every black coach that gets an interview is just a Rooney rule or whatever. There are some highly qualified black coaches out there, just as qualified as Rex Ryan. Last time I checked, Rex Ryan hadn't done squat.
  2. Roddy is just confirming what we all pretty much knew already. It's no secret the Falcons are transtioning into a 3-4 base scheme.
  3. Jackson is a grown man, if he felt uncomfortable about the question, im sure he would have let Dled know.
  4. Nothing else right now but if you come with some more BS then yes it will be something else.
  5. You guys kill me critiquing spelling. WGAF!! It's a freakin sports message board, not English class. Geez.. Get over yourself and your great spelling abilities.
  6. Yes, talk is cheap but its refreshing to hear around these parts.
  7. 3rd fiddle? Julio is the number #1 option in this offense.
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