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  1. i believe that you could play quarterback for them and they would still make the playoffs with their defense.
  2. i just wanted to see what people would said cause this board is pretty fickle so i thought it should turn out to be a fun poll.
  3. i picked 8-8 season because it would make the matt ryan choices both applicable imo.
  4. pick one. And any comments you might have leave them for me. My pick is 8-8 season because that would probably make choices 3 and maybe even 6 applicable.
  5. all this being said we must get our hands on a DE. Imagine a true pass rushing DE on the opposite of the predator. This would lead to imo twice as many sack for the pred.
  6. lucky you, im a huge south carolina fan, used to go to school there.
  7. and honestly the falcons did way above average in this 4 game chunk. The simple fact is that NFL teams looks at four games at a time and not at the record overall until those last four games. If i told you at the beginning of the season we would be 2-2 in any one of the four chunks of games you all would (should) have been extrememly excited. Can anyone honestly say that regardless of when this four game chunk came in the season they would be upset with a 2-2 record in these four games?
  8. lol i know its a guard but im sure he stunts and twists. Well actually no probably not cause its anderson, but they have 2 2nd stringers in.
  9. the funny thing about it too is that jeff otah is out. He is facing a 2nd string probably no good o lineman and still cant do anything. ha.
  10. when i watch the game i dont even notice him, he isnt around play, he isnt making plays, what is he doing...
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