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  1. Hey man -- I have up to 4 in section 121, row 21 -- falcons tunnel - asking $90/ticket. PM me back if you are interested...

  2. from the article its as if his rokkie yr was his best yr in the last 3 seasons he has just under 50 tackles and only 1 int
  3. i agree wit u, on our receivers not being able 2 hold onto anything, but i think it was always about potential with vick. bc he would have a gm or a stretch of gms wher he played wel but then he would fall off the next few. so i believe he lacked the work ethic thats needed in the NFL
  4. im pretty sure that gamble was signed 2 an extension during the middle of the season, so he's off the list
  5. if we win the division then we'll be the 2 seed and have a 1st round bye, and we'd play the highest seed to win their wild card game. so it'd prolly be the number 3 seed which would be either the vikings or the bears
  6. have we ever worn the red jerseys on black pants b4?
  7. yea his only real competition would be forte who had 120yrds, and 2tds i believe
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