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    Izo#2883 got a reaction from vabchbirdlover in Our Friend Tandy   
    You have my sympathy. I wish and hope that you and your loved ones find the right path forward. Nothing will ever be the same nor should it be. 
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    Izo#2883 got a reaction from papachaz in Fired Maryland coach Durkin helping Falcons   
    Intimidation and bullying.. what football player hasnt experienced both while training? Football in essence is all about going the extra mile, ignoring pain and playing through injuries etc. If you quit you are frozen out of the team by coaches and players. Personal experience on 2 diff teams. Now Im not saying that he is without blame, but why do you fire the coach instead of setting up restrictions for workouts during immense heat?
    As already stated this wreacks of an overreaction caused by the easy mob liek mentality that rules social media at the present day. 
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    Izo#2883 reacted to SkerFalcon8710 in Why I believe Koetter replaced Sarkisian ( Erhardt-Perkins system)   
    One thing i will enjoy is dirks scripted plays to start a game, that man marched us down the field relentlessly in 2012 on opening drives 
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    Izo#2883 reacted to FalconsIn2012 in Why I believe Koetter replaced Sarkisian ( Erhardt-Perkins system)   
    Great insight.
    The easiest EP model to emulate is the Patriots.  They stress a defense horizontally in the pass game and North/South in the run game.  Once that is established they bust the seams and kill you with crossers.  But their key is ball control...either running or passing.  This protects Brady and helps the OL.
    Koetter can attack a defense vertically.  But he does his OL no favors by asking them to hold up in pass Pro an extra .5 seconds
    Each of the coaches we brought in have limitations.  But one coach’s weakness is another coach’s strength.  Very clever hiring
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    Izo#2883 reacted to MSalmon in Why I believe Koetter replaced Sarkisian ( Erhardt-Perkins system)   
    @Knight of God and @Vandy have discussed that quite a bit. The mauling RT (McGary) and savvy G (Lindstrom) that can play power or zone and adding in Brown and Carpenter signings you see a trend towards a more physical and grinding offense, with elements of explosiveness due to our receivers. The running back pick in Ollie was interesting as well because he's just powerful. Might we see him get carries later in games or in in climate weather where the passing game is less effective?
    While we didn't put as much in DL as most of us would like, I kinda see a more smash mouth offense as an extension of the defense, as it's about exacting your will upon opponents and keeps your DL fresh.
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    Izo#2883 got a reaction from MSalmon in Why I believe Koetter replaced Sarkisian ( Erhardt-Perkins system)   
    Perfect fit for our draft picks. 
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    Izo#2883 got a reaction from Spts1 in Why I believe Koetter replaced Sarkisian ( Erhardt-Perkins system)   
    Good perspective.
    I get a feeling that people are putting to much emphasis on Shanahans further influence. A simplifying direction might not be a bad way to go. Imo you need to have a solid foundation to be able to build upon it. This might be it. 
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    Izo#2883 reacted to Spts1 in Why I believe Koetter replaced Sarkisian ( Erhardt-Perkins system)   
    I finally figured this thing out by accident while doing some research on some NFL plays.  Quinn runs a simple defense. Here is why I think he replaced Sarkisian on the other side of the ball.
    I stumbled upon the Erhardt-Perkins system.  The Patriots run this system and a few other NFL teams.  I discovered that the basis for Koetter's system is the same system.  Some of you already know this but for those who don't know and didn't know  ( that includes me), the Erhardt-Perkins system is a SIMPLE system ( terminology of the plays) that is based on concepts.  The reason this is important because there are 3 systems run primarily in the NFL:  West Coast, Air Coryell and the aforementioned Perkins system.  In Air Coryell and West Coast, the terminology of the plays is soo complex that offenses become inefficient and inflexible.  More time is spent THINKING about what to do and it leads to ineffective offenses.  A example of a Air Coryell play is this:  Scatter-Two Bunch-Right-Zip-Fire 2 Jet Texas Right-F Flat X-Q.    You have this long sentence breaking down the receiver groups, formation, routes, blocking, where the back lines up etc.  Its soo complex that its hard to plug and play different receivers into the game and maintain a flow.  
    In Koetter's Perkins system,  which is based on CONCEPTS, a play would be three, four words at most.  A word would describe a concept, that concept will tell the receivers what routes to run.  Example out of the Patriot playbook:   F Left 73 Ghost Tosser.   F Left is the formation.  Its telling the receivers and running back that its a 2x2 formation with the running back lined up offset to the same side as the tight end.  The quarterback will make a five step drop.

    73 is the pass protection. Its a 70 series protection.  The offensive line slides AWAY from the second number in the call.  The left side of the line is odd numbers and the right side is even numbers.  So in a 73 call, the second number is 3,  the line will slide AWAY from the 3 hole and pick up the Will if he is in the box.  ( it gets a little more complicated here depending on what the Will is doing, this is where the quarterback will make secondary calls.)
    Ghost is a two man route concept.with the number 1 receiver running a go route and the 2 receiver running a a 10 yard out.  These rules apply to those two receivers REGARDLESS OF THE PERSONNEL GROUPING OR FORMATION.  When the quarterback comes to the line he does a presnap read.  If the defense is in cover 3 he will stick with the Ghost concept.  Lets say he comes to the line and they are in cover 2.  He will call TOSSER.  This tells the number 1 receiver and the number 2 receiver to run slants. REGARDLESS OF THE PERSONNEL GROUPING OR FORMATION thats what the number 1 and number 2 receiver are gonna do.
    This was the BASIC outline of the CONCEPTS system.  It allows the offensive coordinator and quarterback to run no huddle, quick offenses with different personnel groups running on and off the field with everybody on the same page.  Nobody is out on the field wondering what the heck they are suppose to do because they are trying to remember their part of a long terminology play call.  They learn their concepts and you can plug and play.  Again, the concept would be one word to explain many things.  
    THIS is why I believe they moved on from Sarkisian.  Its not that he is a bad coordinator, its that the Falcons can be more explosive down the field because everybody is more on the same page.
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    Izo#2883 reacted to putnam6 in Looks Like Mike Smith Is Going To Write A Book   
    Now we know what he was taking all those notes on the sideline for. If true sounds like he doesn't want to get back into coaching anytime soon
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    Izo#2883 reacted to likeriver in Goodell Changing The Game.....again   
    I don't mind it. Teams like us that have an awesome kicker will only profit from it.
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