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  1. Quoted: Last year, an external review found that an emergency response was not followed in McNair's case and the care the university provided was not consistent with best practices. McNair's heat illness was not promptly identified, and athletic training staff did not take his temperature and apply a cold-water immersion treatment, Athletic Director Damon Evans said at the time. All those steps above fall back on one guy and where does it say that he went against the required steps?
  2. Intimidation and bullying.. what football player hasnt experienced both while training? Football in essence is all about going the extra mile, ignoring pain and playing through injuries etc. If you quit you are frozen out of the team by coaches and players. Personal experience on 2 diff teams. Now Im not saying that he is without blame, but why do you fire the coach instead of setting up restrictions for workouts during immense heat? As already stated this wreacks of an overreaction caused by the easy mob liek mentality that rules social media at the present day.
  3. It sets the tone when you are able to do that repeatedly. Really interesting to see how Koetter and Mularkey is handling the co-op.
  4. Good perspective. I get a feeling that people are putting to much emphasis on Shanahans further influence. A simplifying direction might not be a bad way to go. Imo you need to have a solid foundation to be able to build upon it. This might be it.
  5. Michael Turner was a featured back and he saw a rapid decline. If you want to avoid that decline you go by commitee. RBBC is more a touch/game approach and it often comes down to what the OC is trying to convey/gain on a given down and distance, whether its the Rb1 or 2. I take it, this is what the offensive quality coordinator is managing during games.
  6. I dont think that would suit the strength of our current DL at all.
  7. @Tandy You have my sympathy. I wish and hope that you and your loved ones find the right path forward. Nothing will ever be the same nor should it be.
  8. He is only able to do this, because he earned 50 million dollars.. this is stupid.
  9. I can answe that by asking Why did we sign a tackle that last season vPlayed so poorly against us? I cannot explain it and I think its Odd but alas it happend anyway. It's not hard to imagine that some gm's prefer being proactive, rather than accepting the status quo.
  10. I did not say he wouldnt get cut. I just dont see him make it to the PS.
  11. I dont Think Knappe make the waiver in order to get on our PS. GB and Ravens were both interested in Knappe post draft.
  12. I dont agree. But did anyone expect World. Beaters?
  13. The guard #73 Metzen is terrible on the first 2 or Crawford is just that good. I'm personally leaning towards a narrow hand base on the guards behalf, but then again Crawford can only act on what's in front of him. As I said, I do hope I'm being a negative Nancy here cause a Coleman 2.0 would be a nice addition to an already interesting line.
  14. It would be interesting to see if there is any correlation between the varying ways of setting up your preseason. With that said, I always viewed Q as a prime evaluator of talent and imo the way he conducts his preseason is suited towards getting as much evaluations as possible.
  15. I rewatched the plays he made and on every occasion he was largely untouched by his opponent lining up in front of him. Don't just believe me but see for yourself. Pay attention to the offensive lines first steps in slowmo. Now Arizona might have pulled some guards and stuff for this to happen but imo he did not dominate his opponent. He made the most of what he was given and showed tremendous burst. I hope for Reggie White style of play but I'm afraid we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.
  16. No. It pains liek salt in a wound. That anomaly that was the Superbowl, will probs never happen again. With that said I'm not gonna judge him on one game alone. I mean, do you believe that he made more wrong decisions than right ones?
  17. Could we dive into this and would you care to elaborate on how they sucked. Any specific player or suck as an average? I could not see the game so I would love it if you would humor me.
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