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  1. If you put that on a shirt and added "Write - Hit" I would buy it. It has the correct amount of AFMB and official Falcons ties.
  2. I'm shocked... He lasted this long.
  3. You almost Sound liek the poster that kept clamoring during GBays playoff game last season that Godgers could win games by himself.. but he failed miserably instead. He had recievers drop easy passes and whatnot, but thats just excuses no?My view on the term elite is that it is always in flux who it is or who has it. Flacco had it but I dont think he is a good QB at all. Is he elite? His numbers beg to differ.
  4. This thread Schall rest once the day cometh, where every soul in the Georgia Dome is chanting "Hive Sop Dap.. Hive Sop Dap"
  5. Singing Marvin Gaye in the shower. Classic no?

  6. Unemployed this coming weekend, starting anew on monday. My life is great, prayers goes to those not as fortunate.

    1. SacFalcFan


      I hope the best for you and your family. I hope you are blessed in your efforts in finding work.

  7. Happy Birthday BCE ;)

  8. takes the seasonal weekly bye from Football.

  9. Thanks for the b-day greeting Buccy :)

  10. Happy birth day, Flare.

  11. Congrats on the victory. I did not see that one coming, you might just have found yourself a QB :S ;)

  12. Thanks Flare, good luck in a few weeks when you gotta play the Bucs!

  13. Thank you so much. It was a wonderful b-day. Helped heal the pain of MNF. =)

  14. This sucks, I keep forgetting the B-days of my message board friends. Hope you had a good one :)

  15. Omg I missed your b-day man. Hope you had a nice day mate.