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  1. My wife will ask me to mow the yard at 1:00 on Sunday...
  2. I hate when people screw up tag lines. I hear echoes of my Mom saying, "Look at that Ford, it's built like a rock." Mercedes is "The Best or Nothing" Here's the new commercial for Mercedes with the new Mercedes Benz Stadium in it... MBS Commercial
  3. Looked fantastic. I will give an assist to the Falcons delicious dismantling of Green Bay though...
  4. I see, hurling insults at middle America is your last bastion when confronted with the facts. Just because you want it not to be true, doesn't mean it isn't....
  5. Why do people need to stop with this exactly? JD Powers did a survey and found this was the number one reason why people were turning off the NFL. Extended commercial breaks were number two. A majority of folks have relationships with, (directly or indirectly) with people that have sacrificed a great deal for the flag and what it stands for and it pisses people off. Why the heck do you think Kaepernick is still un-employed?
  6. Peter King is just another Northeast libtard journalist with a New York-centric agenda. He is using his influence as a writer to shut Ryan out of the conversation. He acts like Ryan doesn't even exist in this article. Which is completely ironic, since Peter has sung Ryan's praises before, and has even had Ryan fill in for him as a guest columnist. Vote with your mouse! Don't read his articles anymore. The only way to change things is to hit these #fakenews journalists where it hurts, their wallet. This is the same kind of influence pedaling that allowed Ohio State to be in the playo
  7. Getting this started early due to the short week. Thanks to y'all, the 'Skins meme turned out to be pretty awesome! Need you all to bring your a-game again for our hated rival! Make 'em funny, make 'em clever, most of all this week, make 'em cut deep...
  8. Well, let's see how this season pans out. Looks like this is a great fit for him and he can make personnel decisions when it comes to the offense. He may want to ride the #2 train a while before he makes the move. Just depends on his ego and aspirations. I hope he stays...
  9. It's the media... Within the last year they have predicted the demise of both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, proclaimed the Falcons as DOA this year, anointed the Seahags as NFC champs, the Bills as the new threat in the AFC East, AP an over the hill RB, the Saints as the team to beat in the NFC South, and objectively speaking, have hardly mentioned the 4-0 Panties. They get so much wrong, it is hard to imagine how anyone (I include myself too) puts any stock in what these blowhards think, let alone what they say.
  10. Need to renew your Norton protection, and do your windows 10 upgrade...https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10
  11. Well, there are an awful lot of broadcast minutes in a day for ESPN to fill...
  12. Yep, considering he is a thief and a rapist playing for one of our hated rivals, you kinda had to figure...
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