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  1. He did run the ball a few times against the steelers. He was stuffed the same as all our running plays.
  2. I was jumping up and down when we drafted Moore. I never thought hed still be available by the time we picked. What a BEAST saftey he hits HARD and is a ball hawk like no other! I wouldnt be mad if he started the rest of the season.
  3. No controversy here. Tuner gets the start if hes healthy. Snelling def needs an extension, he is a great asset as an all around player, and always steps up in situations like this.
  4. I dnt think anyone should take the Bucs lightly, freeman is playing better than i thought he would. Having said that i dnt think they are gonna be a real threat to win the division lol. Lets focus our attention on the Saints
  5. Its not broadcasting on that site... Hopefully there is another link out there if so plz pm me
  6. Can someone plz pm me a link... P2P site is showing everything BUT the falcons just my luck...
  7. On the other hand if they draft MJ they may cross train him as a LB, in general he is a little small for a DE and he is fast enough to play a little LB
  8. I think if we get a DE this year we are gonna go in a different direction. Like Connor Barwin or Larry English simply because they are versatile enough to play OLB or DE which would be optimal in our scheme seeing as how we jump in and out of the 4-2-5 and 3-3-5 nickel packages. Although i see MJ beeing a good pass rusher in the NFL i just don't think that Smitty or Dimitroff want a one dimensional lineman.
  9. Good info I dod not know that. hopefully he can put that weight on if we do pick him up
  10. Probably.... THe thing is he would be playing the NT position which means he will be double teamed most of the time and Jerry Peria and Ron Brace simply eat up double teams and are superb against the run. Hood is good at everything but he isn't great at anything... atleast thats the scouting report on him. I wouldn't be mad if we picked him up I think he would immediately make an impact as a starter.
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