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  1. They'll both be back it ain't hard to have multiple accounts.
  2. I dunno but i got 2 Pm's from Rev, 1 saying he'd been banned the other saying London was banned aswell
  3. Just got a PM from Rev dudes been banned, CopFalcFan got him
  4. Nah man haven't heard of him before you said his name, but I just read his story on wiki, hope they guy does well he deserves it.
  5. Cotto v Cottely on Saturday should be a decent fight
  6. LoL yea I always gotta support the UK sportsmen, although I did actually think hhe was going to win, he was very impressive in the fight before hand.
  7. Shouldn't be viewing a forum at work really should we.
  8. ^^^^^^^^^ wtf is up with the bath water???
  9. lol, but yea Just watch some of this and tell me its not entertaining. Cricket at its best, Chris Gayle>>>>>>>>>>
  10. My mistake Jaymadd are you a member at a formerly racist white country club??
  11. Play the game before you make stupid comments
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