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  1. I'm tryin' to move on. https://www.facebook.com/profootball4all/videos/584149881775842/
  2. Tell him what you want, give him what he needs, and get out of his way!
  3. I'd like to hear Shanahan's explanation of the lack of audibles. His ego suggests he believes his calls are superior to Matt's. DQ should make play calling by KS a plan not a final decision before everybody even gets to the line.
  4. It's called driving a square peg in a round hole.
  5. He's only 5 years older than Ryan. I'll take Ryan's play calling.
  6. I don't post much but I watch every Falcon game/ team/ coach. The OC needs to be more knowledgeable than the offensive unit. The last two games have been painful to watch. I knew when Free was 2nd teamed for TeCo, we had an issue. I am convinced that Matt calling his own game is light years ahead of Shanny Jr. I hope he gets offered a head coaching job tomorrow. The whole team seems to be out of sync.
  7. I was amazed when Quinn pushed Coleman above Free. Intangibles! Last year I saw +10 potential. Some thing don't show up on stats. Antone is another one we'll regret getting rid of.
  8. I'm down with that! Redneck, yeah! Classless, maybe not! Good game.
  9. Those guys are hilarious! Each week it's like they're choking down a $5.00 steak. We're 11-1 and they can't take it! Bahhahaha! I can't wait to chuckle at them next week. Whether its the other team or game analysis, you take what they give you.
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