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  1. Good to hear back from you LFRINGE, Glad you and your family had a good experience here, dont worry your Chiefs are'nt that far away from being a good team again just gottta get your QB situation fixed and build your lines.........Comeback and let us know whats going on with the Chiefs and talk some football, take care..................................
  2. Yeah I agree with you, I like the fact that we have Coachs instead of personalities "Mora" we are definately building a solid foundation. I would like to see us keep building this O-Line and our D-Line in next years draft. I really like the direction we're headed.......
  3. I missed it too, but I did get to see Smallville and it looks like the upcoming season is gonna be a good one.
  4. I can relate man, I lost my older brother Mike on July 5th and now we find out my Mom has a Klatskin Tumor on her liver which is basically an incurable form of cancer, the Doc says she has an 8% chance of surviving 1 year after her upcoming surgery, needless to say I'm kinda having a hard time keeping my faith, everyone keeps telling me that God has a plan for us all, but as of right now I'm trying to figure out what that plan might be " and why is he taking away the only family I've got.........I've never been so scared in my life, and I've been through some pretty rough stuff. Two years ago I lost my House and my car because the Doc put me on 100% disability because my back is shot and my right ankle had to be rebuilt, now all of this stuff happens............For the first time in my life I just don't see any light at the end of the tunnel. Hope you get some peace in your life...............
  5. K.C needs to go get a QB next year, heck maybe the Browns would part with Quinn for the right package of draft picks and a player or 2, they really need to get some beef on their O-Line, and the defense is weak in the secondary and at LB'er Dorsey barring injury will eventually be solid. Falcons-27 Chiefs-13...........................Go Birds!!!
  6. Great post, hope you and your family have a safe trip, stay around the Dome and you shouldn't have any problems check out the landing your'e kids will have a blast, come back during the season and let us know whats going on with the Chiefs, I loved to watch Stramm working the refs on the sidelines during games, brings back some memories of The Big Cat Ernie Ladd Len Dawson etc. Have fun and enjoy the game, the Dome is a pretty cool place.
  7. The kid has football smarts, he's in the film room, he's working on his fundementals, he lives, eats, breathes and sleeps football, and thats something we haven't had at the QB position in a long time.
  8. Tampa's WR's are still pretty good, I just hope our"young" Corners can slow them down and give our Defensive front 7 an opportunity to get some shots in on the underly immobile Brian Griese. If the Bucs have a 6 or 7 win season Clayton may not be the only one looking for another gig, Chucky could be right on his heels.
  9. I think we keep it simple, pound it up the middle with Burner and use Norwood from sideline to sideline, maybe set up some screens to Norwood, Kiffin is gonna Blitz Ryan, but maybe not as much as you would think, I believe Tampa will fake a lot of their Blitzes and drop into coverage and try to get Ryan to hold on to the ball longer and give their front 4 the opportunity to pressure him without over commiting their LB'ers. It wouldn't break my heart too see us use Tampa's own playbook against them, establish our run game and go to a lot of 3 and 5 step drops i.e. quick slants, screen passes, 10yd curls etc. I wanna see our O-Line get real physical with the Bucs D-Line and I think we can wear them down. Our Defensive line needs to step-up and pressure Griese and give our Corners all the help they can get, if we can slow down the Bucs running game and make Griese have to throw the ball more than they would like, we can win this game, Griese is about as mobile as a snail, It wouldn't suprise me one bit if Abraham has a big day against this suspect O-Line of the Bucs. We also can't afford a bunch of penalties in this game, we had way too many drive killing penalties last week and we cannot make those kinda mistakes against a much better defense than the Lions have. I can't wait until Sunday and I really haven't had many opportunities to say that the last couple of years. These Birds have got me stoked about our Future.
  10. Today was a blast!! I think we may suprise a few teams this year.......The future is looking brighter!!
  11. Anyone who uses a picture of Vicky Valtrex as their Avatar doesn't have an opinion that most intelligent people would care to hear................
  12. He's a real class act.........................
  13. I'm cautiously optimistic but I think 10-6 is a bit of a stretch, **** 8-8 would make me happy, I just want to see us play hard on every down and improve over the course of the season.
  14. Go get'em D.J I got nothing against Harrington but I think DJ has a better arm and is a much better athlete.
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