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  1. Why do our guys run in to people with their shoulders to knock them down instead of wrap up and actually tackle? Are they scared?
  2. Can I get 50% back on my season tickets and y’all can keep the other 50% or something? I promise to not attend anymore games this year. At least I could recoup something this year.
  3. Yep because Mahomes showed how easy that is in last year’s SB….oh wait
  4. Hiding it for a few weeks doesn’t help. If they looked bad in preseason, then expectations wouldn’t have been as high going in to week one and he wouldn’t have faced as much of a ****storm as he is now.
  5. He also took his hat off to the Eagles instead of tipping his cap so there’s that I guess.
  6. No idea. I don’t even know if our first string can play football. Haven’t seen them play in 8 months.
  7. I don’t care whether he bashes trump or not. I just wanted him to present a football documentary, that he did a great job in parts 1-6. He ruins the finale by putting any politics into it where it didn’t need to be included. The fact that this entire discussion over numerous pages is over that and not the first six parts or the total seven parts as a whole does a disservice to the work as a whole. I was ready to buy the made for DVD once it dropped after watching part 6. Once the part 7 went on and on and on about politics and trump et al… I decided I won’t ever watch or recommend this series to anyone. It’s a shame too. My grandson is almost five. I was looking forward to sitting with him next summer and exploring the documentary on the history of the Falcons to bring him into the Falcons family. The seventh part I don’t care to ever expose him to so it will be set by the wayside unfortunately.
  8. Meh ok. I didn’t vote for either candidate either. I just felt including as much as they did in this “story” was a bit over the top. But hey, if you need to bash Trump some more to get more clicks on your story, then so be it I guess. Just my opinion. It tainted an otherwise great first six parts of the “story.” Also since all seven parts are labeled, “The history of the Atlanta Falcons”, I thought that constituted a documentary about the history of the Atlanta Falcons, not just a “story.” I mean, Webster defines documentary as, “movie or a television or radio program that provides a factual record or report.” I guess Canadians think documentaries are something else.
  9. Like I said, I didn’t mind it being brought up. It’s part of the story. But, as many different times as it was brought up and how much time they spent on it felt a bit ridiculous for a football history documentary.
  10. Nah. The first six I thoroughly enjoyed. If they would have mentioned it in the first few minutes, then all good. They kept drooling on and on and on and bringing it back up. If I wanted to hear Trump bashing, I would tune into CNN. If I wanted to hear Trump praising. I would tune into Fox. I just wanted to see the finish of what had been an excellent Falcons history documentary through the first six episodes. Bringing politics into it over and over and over really kind of ruined the final episode. My wife, who is a pretty far left liberal even started rolling her eyes the fourth or fifth time they brought it up. She just wanted to watch a football documentary also.
  11. It depends on what the goal is. Super Bowl - no shot. Playoffs - a good bit worried. Winning record - kind of worried.
  12. If we did that, then you start a complete rebuild and trade Grady, Debo, and every other asset you have that can bet a 1st or 2nd Round pick and do a proper rebuild. Also add Ridley in so we dont have to resign him to a giant contract this off-season. There is absolutely no reason to keep those assets because if you trade Ryan, we will win five games best case scenario.
  13. Definitely not! Way to expensive to waste nowadays. Now we just go out every six months, take 10 shots, make sure the scope is still zeroed, and call it a day.
  14. They can refund me in 6.5 creedmoor or .338 Lapua Magnum ammo as well. Doesn’t have to be money 😉
  15. I paid in full. I didn’t pay in installment plans. The London thing was announced afterwards. I did receive an email this afternoon advising I would receive a refund for the Jets game.
  16. Thanks but I don’t have Twitter.
  17. Yep, left two messages with the customer service rep team or whatever they are called now. Can’t get anyone to call me back.
  18. For season ticket holders. Weren’t we supposed to receive a refund for the game the NFL stole from us and put in London? I haven’t seen or heard of a refund yet.
  19. We finally moved back to Atlanta after being away for 11 years for work. We were 17 year season ticket holders before the move. Appears a good bit has changed since we were last here. I received my parking ticket code for sale starting Thursday. My question is if when I go to buy parking, it will advise which lots are available to tailgate in. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
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