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  1. Three players that come to mind that we lost out on due to winning a meaningless game at the end of a lost season: Von Miller, Khalil Mack, and Jadevon Clowney.
  2. “All you’re gonna see..”. Only a fool speaks in absolutes.
  3. So the short answer is three then? Got it. Cool story about the future though.
  4. Ask Ohio State that lost one game against Purdue last year and were left out of the playoffs.
  5. When is the last time a mobile QB won a SB? Wilson? Before that Rodgers? Out of the 52 Super Bowls, how many were won with pocket passers and how many were won with mobile QBs?
  6. I heard him say it and couldn’t even get mad at his smug look.
  7. 100% agree. And it really sucks we now have to wait 10 months to hope our football team is competitive. It really sucks as I get older. After 44 years as a fan, I’m starting to realize I may die before we get a championship, just sigh....
  8. I kept saying give up to firsts for him. Or trade Beasley and a 1st. Got roasted for that.
  9. I’d draft him in the 5th or 6th round for sure.
  10. Lawrence is going to be an awful NFL QB. Just no.
  11. What makes you think this front office can build a defense?
  12. How many MLS teams play in front of 80,000? None. Most of the stadiums are reduced. Atlanta only plays to an average of 42,000 and that is the largest. Seattle plays in front of less. New England plays in front of a lot less. Your 80000 number is way off. Most stadiums are 20000 or less, similar to hockey and basketball. And you still haven’t addressed hockey and basketball in more markets.
  13. Larger arenas and less games versus smaller arenas and 2.5 times more games. Also, there are only about three MLS stadiums that hold that number you are talking about, most are smaller stadiums that hold 25000 or less, similar to hockey arenas. Take out Seattle, Atlanta and NYCFC and most teams play in soccer specific stadiums. Here you go. It is all a wash. There are viewership numbers out there and hockey on NBC Sports is barely ahead of ESPN and Fox on MLS numbers. Those TV numbers have nothing to do with size of stadiums. There are also 2.5 times more games that an be broadcast for hockey with only about a 6% more viewership. Feel free to go research. I’m off to a tailgate. Again, if you think MLS won’t pass NHL in the next few years, you keep living with your head buried in the sand.
  14. Read the rest of my post then.
  15. I live on the west coast. Soccer is also more popular here than hockey. I’ve lived in LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Indianapolis, Louisiana, Connecticut, Miami, and Nevada. Soccer is more popular in all of those areas. It isn’t just the southeast. If you think hockey is more popular in the US as a whole, I’m not sure what to tell you. Go look at numbers for youth hockey versus soccer. And yes, I understand the cost difference. My son played junior hockey for six years while we were stationed in CT. Additionally, you can go back six years ago, a few years before Atlanta United was in the league. Average attendance for MLS matches had surpassed NHL in 2012. I’m sure those numbers are higher now with Atlanta and LA entering the league since this study was done, and with other large markets such as Miami and St Louis to enter in the next year or two. Also note that the NHL is in more markets and should be far surpassing the MLS because of it. They aren’t. Here is the article from 2012. If you want to advance those numbers a few years later, For the 2015–16 season, NHL contests averaged 17,481 spectators with a range of about 22,000 on the high end (Chicago Blackhawks) and 12,000 on the low end (Carolina). MLS matches averaged 21,692, with Seattle’s runaway leadership at 42,636. So the MLS “high end” is almost double the NHL’s, all of which looks just swell for soccer. Again, this is before LAFC and AUFC entered the league, and it doesn’t even take into consideration the big soccer markets entering the league in the next few years. But go ahead and keep thinking MLS won’t surpass NHL in the next few years.
  16. Nah. All that needs to be considered is MLS is going to pass NHL in the next two years or so. At that point, why would you consider them the big 4? But if you want to go that route where you think a good share of the viewership is in Canada, that means MLS has already surpassed the NHL since the lion share of viewership for MLS is in the US. Anyways, keep on moving the goalposts.
  17. MLS not at same level of NHL? Regular season TV viewership: MLS 2019: ESPN/ESPN2: 246.000 FS1: 161.000 FOX: 711.000 NHL 2018/19 NBC: 1.316 million NBCSN: 313.000
  18. Let’s pretend NHL is big four and MLS isn’t there yet: Regular season TV viewership: MLS 2019: ESPN/ESPN2: 246.000 FS1: 161.000 FOX: 711.000 NHL 2018/19 NBC: 1.316 million NBCSN: 313.000
  19. Still counts regardless of your ignorance.
  20. Three. The Atlanta Chiefs
  21. But you want Fields or lawrence? LOLOLOLO!OL
  22. So we can remove any INTs, fumbles, missed tackles, blown coverages, and all the rest in garbage time also?
  23. Does youst = spider bite? I don’t think so but thought I’d ask.
  24. We also had 330 yards passing and 57 rushing (and Ryan had 7 of those). But, yeah, Ryan is the entire problem. /s