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  1. Nah, if I had $2 million in the bank at 22 years old, I would be set for life and not have made stupid mistakes. My grandmother raised me better than that.
  2. He threw for 666 yards. Be careful because he will curse you if you utter his name.
  3. Their line was decimated. Their starting LT was out with an Achilles injury from the AFCC. So they moved their RT to LT, moved a G to RT, and started a guy for the first time all year at G. Shuffling 3/5 lineman is a recipe for disaster as witnessed during the SB. This is why I cringe now when people say to just move Jake to G and draft Sewell. Or move McGrary inside to G would be even worse.
  4. Looking for all the people who laughed and denigrated me when I said let’s wait and see how he does against a Bama defense?
  5. Where’s all the people who laughed at me when I said let’s wait and see how JF does against Bama defense?
  6. Ok then JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf. Tim Couch. Akili Smith. Heath Shuler. Art Schlichter. Rick Mirer. Jack Thompson. Mike Phipps. Joey Harrington. David Carr. Better? All drafted in top 3.
  7. No we are saying someone who is too old for that stuff doesn’t have a photo from point break as their photo on a message board.
  8. Washington and Philly thought the same thing with Haskins and Hurts. Browns thought the same thing about Manzel. Stop assuming we have a starting QB for the next 10-15 years. We have a possible candidate but nothing is guaranteed.
  9. You keep advising you want to get rid of our starting QB who DID win the MVP in 2016. Sure, why wouldn’t they?
  10. So what do you think happens here if we draft Fields and he starts?
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