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  1. Earl Campbell.
  2. I will and I will still have a happy life. Go ahead and keep pouting and acting like a baby about things out of your control.
  3. Ok. Enjoy your negative, miserable outlook on life.
  4. Still haven’t answered the questions.
  5. Agree 100% and why I put that second part about our former OC losing his mind and not running the ball just about every down.
  6. Meh. Don’t need him to be elite. Just need him to keep winning.
  7. A a a win. He won thanks to JJ and JM making a fantastic play. He won despite Bryant shanking a horrible kick. He won despite injuries on offensive line. He won despite JJ dropping a pass that hit him in the hands. Things happen. Injuries happen. It’s a team game. A win is a win.
  8. You still haven’t answered the questions
  9. Agree 100%. But you forgot one important thing..... FTS Actually two important things. The other is he didn’t answer the questions.
  10. R Still haven’t answered all the questions....
  11. I was going to wait on that one, but now that you’ve brought it up... Eli is better than Favre, Marino, Kelly, Fouts, Brees, Rodgers, and at least a dozen other hall of fame greats.
  12. He didn’t have a top five defense at his disposal. He also didn’t have all of his starting lineman at his disposal.
  13. That’s because the field maintenance guy screwed up and made the line too close. That guy did not solidify his stature.
  14. And likewise, getting to a SB makes you better than any QB that hasn’t gotten to a SB. Right? Also, we are now back to square one. If you win twice as many rings as other SB winning QBs, that means you what? Extra solidify your stature?
  15. He did get it done against SF. Refs refused to call PI on the 7 so the NFL could have brothers coaching against each other for the first time ever. He did get it done against Philly. Ball went right through JJ hands. He did get it done in the SB. OC lost the playbook and then forgot how to call a run play. All of those break your heart.