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  1. Because compensatory picks are also valuable.
  2. No they aren’t. If you are going to say greatest dynasty in ANY sport, then the UNC women’s soccer team is the greatest of all time. They’ve won 22 of the 36 national championships played in NCAA women’s history. At one point, they won nine straight championships. That doesn’t count the four championships where they lost each by one goal. They’ve also never missed the playoffs since the playoffs were founded in 1980.
  3. I’m just finding it amusing that New Orleans’ fans think the NFL is out to get them. Didn’t the NFL pay hundreds of millions to help rebuild their stadium after the hurricane? Why would they dump hundreds of millions into a team and stadium and city they were out to get? Why not just move them? Seems like it was the perfect opportunity,
  4. Even better. It would definitely be Karma if the result was vacated, game is played from that point on, Saints fumble or throw and INT, and Rams return it for a TD. Not only do they lose, but they lose twice.
  5. They should call it the UCF trophy! All I saw in 2012 was them celebrating the no PI against Roddy on the 7 that cost us a trip to the SB in NO, FTS.
  6. Roddy was mugged on the 7 yard line, not the end zone in the 2012 NFCC.
  7. We are good at passing. We have an MVP QB and a top 3-4 WR Corp. The middle of our D is top 10 (Grady, Debo, and Keanu). Other than that, we are average to mediocre.
  8. Then sign what you can, Use 5 draft picks on OL, and hope to hit on 2-3.
  9. I don’t want value at OL any longer. I want quality. Go and break the bank for three top tier OL.
  10. My wife is making chicken tortilla soup for dinner!
  11. Because he is top 15 QB all time. Don’t be stupid.
  12. Draft two OT and two OG. Sign one OT and one OG in FA.
  13. Yep, he hit submit about three seconds before me ;-)
  14. Don’t tell me. Show me. Talk is cheap.