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  1. Most playoff wins of any QB in franchise history. Your statement is dumb.
  2. I don’t think the governor of California will allow it. Considering there would be more than 100 players, coaches, etc... I don’t think he would sign off on it. He has pretty much lost his mind, as has the governor of NV.
  3. Don’t get your hopes up. The Western States Pact isn’t likely to allow any reopenings until there is either no virus or a vaccine is available. Nevada just joined WA, OR, CA, and CO today. That means SF, LAR, LAC, LVR, SEA, and DEN would not be able to host home games. I Have a bad feeling they want to drag this into next spring. Cal St Fullerton is already making plans for a virtual fall semester. Once the universities go virtual, the high schools through elementary schools will follow.
  4. This. The cowboys dynasty was built from the Herschel Walker trade. You likely get a similar haul of picks from a team REALLY wanting Lawerence.
  5. Me too. Hopefully Jalen is still there so he can learn behind #2 for three years and then take the reigns.
  6. Yep and I don’t think this guy is as good as either Trufant or Alford.
  7. Brees and Brady are going to eat this guy alive. Just awful.
  8. Young will be looking at either a huge payday or will be involved in a Khalil Mack type of trade.
  9. Agreed. People thought Clowney would be this 4-5 years ago. Can you imagine if we had given up two drafts worth of picks for him?
  10. Thanks. I was looking at this one but fitted hats just don’t work. Wish I could find this exact hat in adjustable. https://shop.atlantafalcons.com/mens-new-era-black-atlanta-falcons-omaha-throwback-low-profile-59fifty-fitted-hat/p-46207021440367+z-9741-4281807105?_ref=p-DLP:m-GRID:i-r4c2:po-14
  11. I did a search but didn’t find one
  12. Anyone know a place that sells black adjustable throwback hats? Fitted never fit quite right as I fall between 7 1/8 and 7 1/4.
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