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  1. And if he took a risk and threw and interception, you would whine and ***** about that. Just Shut up already you whiny *****.
  2. I was until he started bad mouthing the team. Same as I was a Vic fan until he abandoned his teammates to stand in the tunnel and watch the end of the game.
  3. So Grady is going to play D Line by himself today. Got it.
  4. He stood in the tunnel watching his teammates finish a game. He watched the end of the game just like all of the fans. I won’t ever forgive him for giving up on his teammates and standing in the tunnel just watching. **** that guy.
  5. Absolutely yes. Get as many picks as possible. Spend everyone of our picks on defense. So tired of not having an NFL defense.
  6. Why would we get rid of a QB a in top 10 in history in just about every QB stat in the NFL?
  7. Yes but the way people are swallowing the Clemson QB, wouldn’t you give up your last franchise QB for the second coming and best QB to ever leave college? /s
  8. A lot of people on this board say it’s Ryan fault we lost SB51, and Chicago and Dallas both this year. I mean if it’s good for the goose....
  9. My fault. Thought Dallas only had one win. However, points still stands. We will end up with another win or two this season. Both NY teams likely not. Counting us, there are 7 one win teams and one 0 win teams. We win one game, we slide to the #8 pick. We still aren’t getting the #1 pick unless you want to keep living in fantasy land.
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