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  1. Backpacking. I’ve gone as ultralight as possible since it has helped me keep backpacking into my 50s.
  2. If he’s not looking to win next year, then they should refund every season ticket holder.
  3. I didn’t say it just because it is the 4th QB, it is because Fields is likely the 4th QB. He won’t last more than 4-5 years in the NFL because he will either get hurt running around, or just flat out suck staring down one receiver every play.
  4. The #4 QB in this draft likely isn’t going to be on this team 10 years from now, and definitely not 15.
  5. Probably rarely but this is the franchise with the only blown 25 point lead in a super bowl so you know...
  6. That’s true but if you have a rookie who isn’t patient and spouts off, then you have an even bigger problem to deal with.
  7. We were season ticket holders for 17 years. My son and daughter both attended their first games before they were one years old. We tailgated every home game and traveled to at least two away games a year. We suffered through a season with Leftwich and Harrington and Petrino. Stayed in the stadium for every second, regardless of the score. They were our Falcons and our family tradition. When they instituted PSLs, we gave up our season tickets. The organization gave a big FU for our Falcons and our family traditions. I absolutely refuse to pay for the right to turn around and pay for
  8. Nah, if I had $2 million in the bank at 22 years old, I would be set for life and not have made stupid mistakes. My grandmother raised me better than that.
  9. He threw for 666 yards. Be careful because he will curse you if you utter his name.
  10. Their line was decimated. Their starting LT was out with an Achilles injury from the AFCC. So they moved their RT to LT, moved a G to RT, and started a guy for the first time all year at G. Shuffling 3/5 lineman is a recipe for disaster as witnessed during the SB. This is why I cringe now when people say to just move Jake to G and draft Sewell. Or move McGrary inside to G would be even worse.
  11. Looking for all the people who laughed and denigrated me when I said let’s wait and see how he does against a Bama defense?
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