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  1. Another tidbit. May not have the job, but he's definitely getting 2nd string looks. https://twitter.com/vxmcclure23/status/633310878637490176 "Quinn said Renfree definitely earned more reps with second team today"
  2. I may be jumping to conclusions; looks like Yates is back in with the 2s. We got ourselves a QB (2) battle! vaughn mcclure ‏@vxmcclure23 7s7 seconds ago Looks like Yates was up second this time around after Ryan.
  3. https://twitter.com/vxmcclure23/status/633295856326807552 Does Yates make the team if he's 3rd string and what would the cap implications be if he's cut?
  4. Looks like Julio messed up waiting on Dez. No telling what he'll end up getting but $16-18mill/yr seemed inevitable before Dez's contract. Now he's gonna be doing good to get $15mil/yr.
  5. Tru is due for some interceptions- you know they'll be force feeding AJ; open or not.
  6. Yessir, it was all about the adjustments. I'm excited to see what we change for the Bengals. Everybody stepped up big time in the second. I didn't even realize Hageman played : /
  7. Video by D. Orlando Ledbetter. Honestly, I'm starting to this this guy is a Saints fan punking us.
  8. I'm honestly more worried about the refs than the Saints. We need to plan on scoring an extra couple TDs to account for the ones they'll call back on BS. The fans will need to be on them too. Remember when they called the ridiculous fumble on Turner at the 1yard line? The crowed was booing so loud and long that the refs were afraid to make any more phantom calls.
  9. That's what I'm talking about. Make them beat us with somebody else, 'cause they can't. Their receivers are going to be shut down by Trufant and Alf, it's gonna be a long day for Easy-Breezy
  10. I'm picturing a shutout in my mind and he's one guy I'd really like to see put up a goose egg. Can't imagine a linebacker doing the trick 1-on-1
  11. Obviously he will already be accounted for, but would it be possible scheme wise to have a safety like Southward double Jimmy Graham?
  12. I hope Southward is ready to go against the Saints. That kind of speed will be a thorn in Breezus' side.
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