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  1. I've uploaded what I made.  It's not my best work, but at least it's something.

    1. «HÂWKÂÎл


      If you like it, I can clean up the smudging on the trophy.  If not, no worries.

  2. This one is easy. 1. Julio 2. Matt Ryan 3. Alex Mack 4. Desmond Trufant 5. Devonta Freeman
  3. I think right now it's just a chess match being played out in front of us. At the end of the day, Roddy White has no leverage at all. His options right now are basically play for the Falcons or probably retire. Few teams want an aging player like Roddy White who hasn't been able to show he still has anything left in the tank. End game right now that I see is that Roddy probably will take a pay cut because we know he wants to play.
  4. Isn't Kyle Cook still a free agent? I've got to believe he would be a solid upgrade over both Hawley and Konz. The fact that we haven't at least put out word on any of the more noteable free safeties really makes me curious. I mean, guys like Huff, Bell, heck - even Crocker, would be an upgrade over what we have right now with all our injuries at FS.
  5. That was a great OP. I've got to say that personally, I think I'm more excited knowing that we still have a good football team and we are clawing our way back out of a hole. Every week feels like a playoff game right now, it's certainly keeping me on the edge of my seat. However, you can't really match the excitement of being a favorite to win the Superbowl!
  6. He was released by our division rivals for a reason. Stop worrying about picking up other teams scraps!
  7. 3 tight end sets. We have the tight ends to do it. I mean, Tony G alone should be enough here. We've got a big man in Toilolo, and a pass catching (who is more of a WR) in Coffman. Yet we don't use them at all. I feel like if we came out in a 3 TE set on the goal line and mixed our pass and run calls, we'd be in great shape. We never do that. It's either run it up the gut, or come out either 3 or 4 wide in the shotgun and try to throw the obvious corners.
  8. The thing is, through 6 weeks they were 3-3. Through 7 weeks we're 2-4. That extra loss may not seem big, but it will be I think. I do believe we have a shot, but it'll be a tough road, especially when you look at our schedule and see who's coming up!
  9. A couple of things on this topic here. The first thing being that the Vikings would NEVER trade Peterson away. No way in **** would they do it, the fans would completely abandon the organization. The entire "trade Adrian Peterson" discussion that has been running wild as of late was started by a "what if" article by one of the writers on NFL.com. Since then, the media has tried to spin the whole idea that the Vikings should trade AP into an actual trade rumor. It's not happening, it's not even plausible from where I'm sitting. The media is so desperate to make a big time headline that they ar
  10. Actually, he does make a solid point with this one. A lot of times, when you have big name targets who are just ridiculously good and have all the intangibles you would ever look for, a quarterback will force passes to them. What Matt did today was play safe football. He mostly threw to receivers only when they were open and when they weren't, he checked down to his backs. Matt showed a lot of poise today under pressure, I will give him that for sure. (That's a different topic I suppose) The more you watch games when Matt has his big guys, you'll see him make passes that don't really make sens
  11. I would love to say Matt Ryan, but I feel that would be "homer-ish" and just an escape route in this thread. The reason I say Matt Ryan, is who I would probably go with is because you have to pick a QB. You don't build an NFL franchise around anyone but a quarterback, period. No team without a QB will make it too very far, generally speaking anyway. Let's say I go outside of the quarterback spectrum. Any player other than a QB, I would take LeSean McCoy. He's a true duel threat, and he would fit in nearly any system as a running back. He's amazing. He's got speed, he's quick on his feet, an
  12. I'm just glad to see that with all the depth problems on the offensive line, and the entire defense - it's clear that we don't lack depth in the receivers. Drew Davis has great hands and makes great catches, he just needs to refine his route running. I love what Harry Douglas had shown us today, hopefully we see more of that. When we start to think back though, Douglas has always performed better as a 1 or 2 than he has in the slot position. Perhaps our slot routes are just too basic for him to actually make moves to get open.
  13. Absolutely! A lot of people are complaining about our defense, but it's tough to show any discipline at all to your assignments when you're an undrafted rookie or a guy taken late in the draft that more or less would have been a 3rd string linebacker if it weren't for injuries. I'm not too disappointed in what I saw today. What a win! Did you get my message?
  14. I just don't understand all the negativity. We've been through so much worse, for so much more time than what this is. We are 1-4. We could still make a push if we can go 8-3 or better to finish. And even if we don't make a push, we've had 5 very successful seasons in a row, we were bound to hit a bump in the road! That's all this is, a bump!
  15. It's easy to say that when we haven't got Julio and we are playing like we are. He's a game changer though, and he's basically uncoverable without double or triple covering him all day. We'll never know what we would have done with the picks we traded, so hindsight is 20/20 as they say. I certainly don't think we need a "big 3" so to speak with Gonzo, Roddy, and Julio. That's a huge reason why I was behind the fact of Gonzalez not returning this year. I felt like it was a waste of cap room when he wanted to retire. That's all behind us though, now I'm happy he's back with all the injuries we h
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