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  1. We hired Georges St. Pierre's corner man as our new equipment guy. - But seriously, it looked to me like MP had to change direction and recover(I could certainly be wrong). But, even if that wasn't the case, he still made to the sideline. As much of a Brooking fan as I am, I know if it had been him playing Culpepper probably turns that corner for more yardage. I think some people(been guilty of it myself) just get a little too excited about offseason signings and draftees causing us to hold expectations a little high. The starting defense didn't look bad except against the screen pass. They are going to get much better as the regular season gets rolling good.
  2. Hall isn't a concern. There is however a kid playing behind him at safety, LaRon Landry, who has got game.
  3. Typically "Sport" bars or grills have anywhere between 10-50 tvs. If you're drinking(and tipping) they will put your game on if it's available to them. It won't be the 60" in the heart of the bar. But, they will get your game on if you're buying. Most, especially bigger ones, have no interest in limiting sales to any one fan base.
  4. It's time for GSP to bulk up take a shot at Silva. Could easily be one of the best fights in mma history.
  5. I must be missing something. Were injuries not an issue in his profession when he signed his original contract? Why is it suddenly okay to hold out because he could possibly get hurt? As far as his skills/fair market value, I can't see where that should be an issue until the current contract expires. If that's what he's basing it on, then his agent should have sought some sort of clause in the initial contract for performance incentives. I certainly can't charge more than I bid on a job just because it turned out better than I expected, or because I learned some other contractor is charging more for the same work.
  6. They are referring to your spelling of "doubt." Don't sweat it. We all knew what you meant.
  7. I don't care who sounded the alarm as long as it woke him up.
  8. on the subject of depth, can Romberg play any position other than C ?
  9. Hey, at least they are comfortable in knowing they don't have to remind him not to hit #2. I kid. I like him but he better find another gear with a quickness.
  10. Just be careful who you place your wagers with folks. I had a little over $1700 in poker winnings at Sportsbook.com. After more than a year of unsuccessfully trying to get my money(this was roughly 2 years ago), I finally turned over my username and password to a friend who was learning to play so he could get some good cash game experience. If you're going to gamble, see what odds bodoglife.com is giving. Their payouts have always been swift and painless for me. Just keep in mind there is no such thing as a safe bet.... EVER.
  11. LOL. When the economy crumbles and you lose your job of 14 years, you willingly surrender some luxuries. The kids still gotta eat.
  12. Feel your pain. My cable has been "out" for like 6 months.
  13. Round 3, Pick 26 (90) Round 4, Pick 25 (125) Round 5, Pick 2 (138) (From Rams) Round 5, Pick 7 (143) (From Raiders) Round 6, Pick 3 (176) (From Rams) Thank "John Winger" for the list. He supplied it in another thread.
  14. They had 4 2nd round picks. They have 4 in the 3rd as well? Does anyone know how much they were allotted to sign their picks?
  15. To me PJ seems like a humble guy who feels blessed just to be here. I doubt he cares what number he wears.
  16. Put a clause in his contract that has Arthur sending Jerry's mom a bonus every time he gets a sack. Dude would probably become a QB wrecking machine.
  17. That's been my biggest source of doubt about this deal happening. However, they are gonna take the hit either way. If it's fact that he doesn't fit their new scheme, then keeping him seems like it might reduce his value. So maybe(hopefully) they want to deal him while they can still get a 1st round pick for him. It's a stretch, but one can hope.
  18. Just reading this post from an aints fan says it all....."We can try and spin this any way we like, but I think this fact is undeniable: Today, the Falcons became a better team".
  19. We can toss in the rights of one suspended qb, and maybe an AJC writer or two.
  20. Maybe KC will take him just to keep Crazy Al from getting him.
  21. Just curious... Can the rights of a suspended player be dealt? Or must we wait for the commish to green light him before we can deal him? I know nobody is going to give up anything when his return is uncertain(though most, myself included, believe he will). But maybe we can sneak his name in to the fine print in another deal. Can it happen?
  22. Gravy eats vegans and calls it a salad.
  23. What, couldn't find a Falcon's ceiling fan? :P J/K, I love that room. Showed the gallery to my wife. "Hon, I want a room like this." "Well then I guess you should have married Tandy." off topic, sorry
  24. If you wanted to hit the 40mph mark, you would have to.
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