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  1. if anything it will be Turner 1567 yards 16 tds 30 receptions leads us to division title
  2. FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. — Mike Smith was embarrassed to fall into his own trap, but the third-year Atlanta Falcons head coach recovered quickly when he recognized a ready-made scapegoat to pay the $200 fine he'd set for anyone texting during a team meeting. "When we signed (first-round rookie linebacker) Sean Weatherspoon, I got a text, and when I looked at my cell, the players fined me $200," Smith says. Ever-resourceful Smith had a plan for how to pay the penalty while saving face. Consider it Smith's version of rookie hazing. "When Sean signed his deal, I told him at the press conference, 'Y
  3. we will be fine our fundamentals are fine ..Hand the ball to Turner hand it to him again and let him carry the team and let our QB manage each possession and keep his turn overs down and then pick up some key third downs..we dont need Ryan to be great all we need is for him to keep the turn overs down make smart reads and keep TOP on our side.. unless Matt Ryan has a real bad year and the oline allows 40+ sacks and Turner gets hurt I really dont see this team not being a playoff team
  4. that throw was comical ...Its hard to believe a professional QB can make that bad of a throw..but **** happens it happen to some of the greats as well but the throw is a indication of Ryan lack of arm..Im not saying he can occasionally throw a deep pass anybody can ..My sister can probably throw a football 40 yards some people are blessed with a arm some arent ..Ryan is not..Ryan is a intellectual QB that can make players other ways outside using his god given ability .. There are some QB that are blessed with just a arm and no brain and they might have all the physical tools but the game doe
  5. yea man I hear ya def did ...+1 for that thats what happens when I got the best of him dude loves me or something kind of concerned ..he was once talking on a phone to someone else here about me its quite scary that I effect his life so much
  6. Masked i would love for you to do the same can you do that for me
  7. says the guy who does IM LEAVING PM then comes back :lol:
  8. Ryan also needs to step up and also say he has played spotty as well I'm pretty sure they will iron out some things it's funny we lose our number 2 wr and our first team looks incomplete Jenkins ain't nothing special at the 2wr but seems him and Ryan gel and plus plays to he whistle with his down field blocking Oline needs to do a better job especially up the middle
  9. To get Ryan into the game early we need to come out in spread formation and have Ryan start picking a defense apart . The problem lies Mularkey wants to establish the run so out of the first 10 plays 7 are run and that's not getting Ryan into the game . That is also putting him I. Third down situations when a defense is going to bring the blitz
  10. Good post superfan Now you guys are starting to see what I have been seeing something is off with this offense as a whole way to inconsistent the pressure up the middle where McClure is getting man handled . There is no rhythm. In this offense and Ryan looks less and less poised in the pocket his accuracy has been off And then top it off some drop passes by our stud wr Offense needs work hopefully when season comes along we turn it on game 1 is vs a good defense we shall see
  11. Lol at duplex . Nice try though . Josh my direct tv bill is not even 1/4 of my mortgage . I pay for direct tv cause they are the only ones that hold the Sunday NFL package and since I'm a die hard fan and don't miss games I have to pay the piper and watch my team You on the other hand get free cable and have a son that you have to put food on table and roof over head and you making the decision of a) not watching falcons but free cable getting direct tv and paying for service which might is not. Necessity Understandable Josh Good luck trying to catch some falcon games this year
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