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  1. That's what so inconsistent about this fan base, yourself in particular. The person who has continuously pointed out our shortcomings with regards to adequately addressing our OL?
  2. Serious? Professional players and I' ll use Roddy as an example, have no heart? The man has a heart of a lion! The We were outcoached/schemed alibi is also wearing thin. Exit MM/BVG/PB/Old Conditioning coach, enter DK/MN/PH/New Conditioning coach, will the excuses ever end? You seeing a pattern here? Maybe Smitty is only using the talent that is available. Spin it like you will, but AB is simply tired of excuses, and unless I miss my guess, is **** tired of throwing people under the bus when it's quite obvious where the fault lies.
  3. Generous assessment. This has been argued at length on this MB and some keep playing the "What if card", i.e., key injuries to skilled players, JJ, SJAX, RW, etc and, I personally find that excuse tiresome. Quality depth and any semblance of a NFL caliber OL/DL makes this threat moot.
  4. My guess would be that a minute pct of MB members actually attend home games.
  5. Different take myself, but I'm thinking, Dimitroff, Thomas Dimitroff!!!!
  6. Knee jerk reaction would be firing Smitty, Coordinators, position coaches, etc without addressing the real problem. I've seen all the excuses, bad OLINE, fire the OL coach, exit Boudroux, sp?, Enter P. Hill, same results. Bad OC/DC'S, blame them, exit MM/BVG enter DK/MN.. Poor conditioning coach, must be his fault as well. You seeing a trend here? Hopefully AB does and is sick and tired of excuses.
  7. Who is ultimately responsible for putting the finished product on the field? Would you not agree that the buck stops at Dimitroff?
  8. Talent in the trenches has been has been inadequate in recent memory. IMO, you hold the person most responsible accountable (TD), for this most glaring weakness.
  9. Cmon now, nobody's overlooking the fact that TD's been instrumental in this team's success(2008-12), but should he now also shoulder some of the blame for our most recent downward trend?
  10. QFT. TD can't see what is painfully obvious to most of us and will probably draft a skilled player, sad but true.
  11. Really? Ye of little faith! Whole lotta season left to possibly prove u wrong
  12. Grasping at straws imho. Bottom line - Inferior trench play on both sides of the ball, is and always will be always be our "Achilles"s heel", until it's adequately addressed. This has been discussed at length on this MB and, I've yet to see any response that will convince me otherwise, just a bunch of meaningless stats. My eyes tell me we can't pressure opposing QB's with any sort of regularity. Our OL can't push the the DL in short yardage situations, and more importantily we can't protect our most valuable investment (MR), which may result in season ending injury. Maybe it's me, but some
  13. BJ's was what a whopping 4 pts higher? Both should be spectators imo
  14. I hear from reliable sources that there's an offensive minded HC, currently coaching at the University of Western Kentucky, whom, I believe could be available at a moment's notice.
  15. Maybe I did take you wrong. As far as fans not showing up/or being in their seats on time, being that I have never set foot inside the Ga Dome, I wouldn't be qualified to offer a opinion one way or another. Have a nice evening sir.
  16. The highlighted portion of your post would be the only thing that offends me. Some fans of this team, whom I view as loyal/rabid as yourself and other STHs, but due to limited financial resources or geographically isolated, are unable to attend games, but have every right to voice their concerns in a constructive, civil fashion.
  17. You would think he would have made contingency plans.
  18. Upon further reflection, if I mentioned the name AJ Neibel, would I be getting warm?
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