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  1. If I got the color of his shoes, would I be close?
  2. What, no more "Noodle Arm" Threads . Nice post.
  3. http://www.stlouisra...a0-af8c1612af67WE need this type of attitude.
  4. Believe me Jay, I'll take a little less talent and more "Fire" from my OL all day, besides, Talent has carried Baker only as far as the training room and the Bank, in that order.
  5. Dave Hampton rings a bell, dude reached 1000 yds in final game and lost 2 yds on the last plai, IIRC.
  6. Coolest name for any current or past player, bar none
  7. Seems I've heard that before, wait, wait.. Yes, J.Flacco and the Ravens come to mind
  8. In name only. The man is worthless in evaluating talented Olinemen.
  9. Overrated? According to whom? Currently have one more win than we do, your point would be? Hardly call a 1 td victory a kick in the teeth.
  10. Unfortunately, H. Dahl took his attitude to ST. Louis... Maybe someone could step up to fill the void.
  11. Really? MR has been picked off 5 times in 1 game? Honestly, you think this trend continues.?
  12. How bout no. Can't speak for others, but I will always continue to voice what I consider to be the most obvious flaw with the team I will always love, lack of talent in the trenches.
  13. Unlike the Falcons, Hawks have a competent defense (3rd vs 26th) to mask their oline problems, and it quite a tribute to MR's quick release that he doesn't put it on the turf more.
  14. Bunch of "what ifs" prospects is all I'm gleaning from this thread with regards to talent in the trenches. Traveled down the bumpy road one too many to get a warm and fuzzy about the Falcons chances in the near term.
  15. Really think that AB is as "hands on" as say, J.Jones and the late A. Davis when draft day rolls around? Sounds like more excuses for Dimitroff.
  16. To be fair, FO didn't fire MM or BVG, they both left of their own terms. We did Fire P. Boudeaux(sp), former OL coach, along with our previous strength/conditioning coach. No noticeable improvement thus far. Hmmmmmm.
  17. Y'all just setting the man up for a possible career ending injury. AP trying to forge out yardage behind this poor excuse of a OLine would be disastrous.
  18. Cause the coaching alibi is quite frankly wearing thin. Not to sound like a broken record, but inept Olineman., but must be a coaching problem.
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