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  1. It's quite apparent to me, the root cause of the problem, the General Manager of the Falcons doesn't have a clue about evaluating talent, pure and simple!
  2. All the "Must be the coaches" who are to blame crowd really kill me. Really? You don't think that we haven't already traveled down that roads before? Truly sad that, we fired, IMO, arguably the finest Oline coach we've ever had and some don't even get it
  3. Drive thru only. Proceed to the next window please, and a great day sir!
  4. So you advocate firing Pat Hill and replace him with what, the 3rd OL coach in as many years?
  5. IMO, no quick solution to our offensive line woes, less an aggressive run at a quality FA/Emphasis on talented Olinemen in the draft . SC/OL coach need to go? Really? Already tried that, and the results are worse than before. Sorry, Charlie!
  6. Really? I take no joy in our current predicament, but I do take exception to your definition of who is/not a Falcon fan. Realizing that hindsight is 20/20, and also that no GM is perfect come draft day, but a poster who has consistently pointed out our lack of talent in the trenches for the last several years, shouldn't have to have his/hers fandom judged by the likes of you or similar posters(No disrespect intended). Some here just tired of having SB hopes elevated, only to have it comes down to our inability to physically impose our will at the LOS to protect Ryan or gain short yardage in
  7. Hopefully, Dimi won't "Pass" on any blue chip talent to bolster our oline.
  8. DAM. Don't sugar coat it, tell us how u really feel!
  9. Phew, thought Arthur moved the team and I didn't get the memo
  10. Might be a good idea. Better to let him heal up as close to 100pct as possible, than to have him come back too early and risk a more serious injury(s).
  11. Playing devil's advocate here. Don't think Smitty deserves the "Lion's share" of the blame. Maybe he, like BVG/MM/PB were working with talent they were afforded them. Well, today we have new coordinators, new OLine coach and see us being manhandled at the LOS. Yes, I know we have key injuries to contend with, but no way should we look this bad in the trenches. JMO
  12. Agree and it bothers me somewhat that, some act as though somehow this regime is "Bullet proof" and is above criticism, in an constructive manner from a Falcon's fan's POV.,That's the whole point of this mb, no?
  13. According to whom? Some are just giving their honest opinion based on what they see with their own eyes.
  14. PokerSteve - Respectively disagree with ur assessment of lack of coaching skills by this current regime. MM/BVG were perceived as liabilities by many on this board and management allowed them to walk. We terminated probably the best OL coach, imo, Boudreau, and replaced him with what? A Coach (Pat Hill) who is only again being vilified by some here for his ineptness as a coach. Seeing a pattern here?
  15. Herein lies the problem. Opposing teams have none regarding this line's ability effectively run block, thus they ignore our run game completely. No threat of a balanced attack ,Just that simple.
  16. Please make my day, and put to bed the "Myth" by a few That Matt has adequate protection. My eyes tell me otherwise!
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