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  1. Playing devil's advocate here. Don't think Smitty deserves the "Lion's share" of the blame. Maybe he, like BVG/MM/PB were working with talent they were afforded them. Well, today we have new coordinators, new OLine coach and see us being manhandled at the LOS. Yes, I know we have key injuries to contend with, but no way should we look this bad in the trenches. JMO
  2. Agree and it bothers me somewhat that, some act as though somehow this regime is "Bullet proof" and is above criticism, in an constructive manner from a Falcon's fan's POV.,That's the whole point of this mb, no?
  3. According to whom? Some are just giving their honest opinion based on what they see with their own eyes.
  4. PokerSteve - Respectively disagree with ur assessment of lack of coaching skills by this current regime. MM/BVG were perceived as liabilities by many on this board and management allowed them to walk. We terminated probably the best OL coach, imo, Boudreau, and replaced him with what? A Coach (Pat Hill) who is only again being vilified by some here for his ineptness as a coach. Seeing a pattern here?
  5. Herein lies the problem. Opposing teams have none regarding this line's ability effectively run block, thus they ignore our run game completely. No threat of a balanced attack ,Just that simple.
  6. Please make my day, and put to bed the "Myth" by a few That Matt has adequate protection. My eyes tell me otherwise!
  7. Very few times have they held protection for any significant time from what I've seen. A 100 million $ QB shouldn't be surrounded by, for the most part, Olinemen, who couldn't start for any other NFL team. Grow a pair?, these are the folks who need to
  8. Boudreau was a TD hire, and did an admirable job with the talent afforded him. Why he was dismissed/not retained baffles me to this day, Exit P. Boudreau, enter P. Hill and you have the embarrassing offensive line we are currently saddled with.
  9. But he has, Baker. TD might have be forced to reach for LT to protect his franchise QB, and I think the majority know how that gamble paid off. Sam had a pretty decent rookie year, was in and out of the lineup with various injuries until last year. Has a superb 2012 season, gets paid and guess what? Baker is battling the injury bug once again. You seeing a pattern here? As far as a coaching problem, on our 2nd OLINE coach in as many seasons, nope IMO, coaches aren't the problem. Is it possible, just possible, that we don't have any quality Olinemen?
  10. Oh I'll answer you, what he has allowed the state of affairs without adequately addressing our needs on both OL/DL is dam criminal and has consistently been my opinion. Plain enough? But to make an misleading statement that he inhierited a playoff caliber team is a ridiculous assumption on ur part
  11. Only thing I'm stuck on is your logical reasoning as to how u conclude that TD inherited a "Playoff caliber team"
  12. Far cry from the winning pct over the last 5 yrs, and again I'm 1 of TD's bigger cititcs, but man u done lost leave of ur common senses.
  13. Man you can't say with a straight face that you believe for a second that this cesspool of a franchise that Dimitroff inherited was playoff caliber, and I don't particularily like the job he has done. Dam.
  14. You lost me. He inheirited a "Playoff caliber team". LACKING A COACH, QB AND RB.
  15. Thank you, I needed that comic diversion
  16. 1.Baker got paid.2. Key injuries to skilled players, I.E., Roddy, Julio, Sjax. 3. FO, not seeing what Ray Charles could have foreseen with regards to the state of our OL/DL. 4. Did I mention Baker got paid?
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