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  1. Lawd. Same old tired story, how many SB's did Vick bring us?
  2. Excuse me, but while I wasn't totally onboard with the Julio pickup, and I think TD is a horrible GM, but it appears to me that U go out of ur way to always be the the MMQB' so to speak, and it's getting tiresome. G E T A L I F E.
  3. Thomas Dimitroff's service is no longer required is all I want to hear
  4. Maybe there's some STH'S that won't. Maybe that might make AB sit up and take notice, maybe we're not as dumb as we may appear.
  5. I beg to differ. Wouldn't make any difference to me, other than acknowledging that we have a serious problem that we need to address.
  6. Yes. **** rite we do. Think about it, as paying consumers, we deserve a whole lot more bang for our buck.
  7. We had one, but unfortunely, he was fired, bring back P. Boudreaux
  8. Sure he does, as the owner, he is ultimately responsible for the subpar product he is subjecting us to.
  9. Seriously, do u get your jollies off seeing this team play so bad? Get a life
  10. Depends on how aggressively Dimi addresses both lines during the offseason via either the draft/FA. Otherwise, were back to just another key injury or two away from 2013 repeating itself
  11. Going where? Surely you don't mean the playoffs!
  12. Very nice. Hopefully we can pull this minor miracle off!
  13. It's quite apparent to me, the root cause of the problem, the General Manager of the Falcons doesn't have a clue about evaluating talent, pure and simple!
  14. All the "Must be the coaches" who are to blame crowd really kill me. Really? You don't think that we haven't already traveled down that roads before? Truly sad that, we fired, IMO, arguably the finest Oline coach we've ever had and some don't even get it
  15. Drive thru only. Proceed to the next window please, and a great day sir!
  16. So you advocate firing Pat Hill and replace him with what, the 3rd OL coach in as many years?
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