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  1. TD doing nothing is what put us in the predicament we find ourselves in at present. His lack of drafting/acquiring quality linemen on both sides of the ball is why we constantly make unknown QB'S/RB's, DE's, etc into HOF material. Just tired of the inferior product I witness each Sunday.
  2. Grasping at straws imho. First it was the previous ccordinators (MM/BVG), OL coach(PB). Dam fellas, figure it our already, Dimi needs to go.
  3. Personally, I would use MR, JJ, Spoon, Worrilow, Tru sparingly, save them for the opening bell.
  4. Smitty ought to get on his hands and knees and beg Boudreax to return to the Falcons fold.
  5. Look no further than our work in the trenches. Fix that during the offseason, (Dimitroff) and see how fast we resemble a real NFL team.
  6. Proverbial "kiss of death". Dimi is as good as gone at the end of this year, bank on it!!
  7. God, I'd be shocked if their margin of victory isn't much, much greater.
  8. Okay, i'll bite. The time off arrest, 420, signifies what ??
  9. Might be a guess, but outside of the so called "skilled positions", we just aren't that talented, I.E., in the trenches.
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