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  1. Considering the talent or more correctly, the lack of, that we have witnessed in the trenches on both sides of the ball, Smitty has worked wonders. look a little higher up the food chain for the source of the real problem with this team.
  2. Bottom line is, if u aren't accounted to snow/ice, your gonna have problems no matter the amount of accumulation. Woke up to 10", and we d'ont get a lot here in VA Beach.
  3. Panic, and opposing QB'S aren't something I'm accustomed to when referring to any Falcon defense in recent memory, would be nice tho!
  4. Falcons vs Viking NFC title game, all others a distant 2nd
  5. Assuming a healthy Baker will somehow make everything all right is just wishful thinking - Nice try Roddy, but we need a major overhaul on the OL.
  6. You think we improved in the slightest under P.Hill?. Seriously, 2011 oline was head and shoulders better than the debackle I witnessed in 2013.
  7. Paul Boudreax -Dam shame he was shown the door by this franchise.
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