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  1. oh, you'll see who brain is.........great job Finn!!!!!!. VIRGINA TECH???, Did't they lose today??, to whom. East Carolina, hmmmmm, a real powerhouse.
  2. OUTSTANDING Post. stop it ff66, your're making me feel old. I too have been a diehard fan since their inception. Appreciate the trip down memory land, left out RB Junor Coffey, QB Randy Johnson, etc(LOL) GREAT READ. 9 wins 7 losses , in my opinion, and opinions are like azz holes, everyone has one, is quite possible.
  3. didn't say anything about a breakout year for roddy, he will do just fine. i said michael jenkins will finally produce like we thought he would.
  4. Offensive line - Much improved, very nice job TD. Running Game, Will prove to be the best tandem in the NFL.. Recieving Corps- Roddy will have even a better year, considering the QB situation is vastly improved. I think Michael Jenkins will finally break out and be the kind of reciever we thought, when we drafted him #1. ]DEFENSE. Given We won't have same anemic offense we had last year, won't be on the fileld most of the time. John Abraham- is the key, gotta keep him healthy, along with j. anderson stepping up, which i believe he will. [size="7"]lbsSolid group, particularily the good showing thus far of Curtis Lofton. Secondary. initially, i thought would be the Achille's heel, has played well, in particular - Brent Grimes. "]Special Teams i think has been pretty decent. but would be nice to have some other than jennings back returning the ball. go falcons........9wins, 7 loses.
  5. agree with your assessment, jedi. Defense will be the key though, in particulary keeping Abraham injury free. Also, secondary might be the weak link. On the offensive side, i would like to say, that if O-LINE plays well, along with the running game we have, i don'i think it's imperative that whoever we start at qb. as long as its not Joey, go and play like worldbeaters. go FALCONS!!!
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