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  1. JMO... But i think the Birds are gonna start out and do the unexpected.. TB willl so geared up to stop the run th at, Matt will simply LIGHT them up in the first qtr....I truely believe that the game plan will be establish the passing attack, then pound the BUCKOS into submission.....FALCONS 27 BUCS 14......,.FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!!!!!! :
  2. Since their inception...have vaugue memories of collecting cocla cola bottle caps with players pictures underneath, Tommy nobis, Junior coffey, Randy johnson, etc... Man am i old...... FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!!!!!
  3. 3 Picks, no way....if Matty throws 31 times, as projected, this will be bad news... This would mean our ground game has failed and we were forced. to the air..... i just don't see this happening, imo.... go Falcons........
  4. Spoken like a truely fine group of professionals, refreshing... But beware, this will be a real battle...... FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!!!!!
  5. **** !! and i thought i had it bad, throwing up prior to the game and for good measure at halftime as well.....i guess i'm not alone...FALCONS FEVER, CATCH IT.....
  6. Playoffs, Playoffs,Playoffs did you say Playoffs...Seriously, way too early to form an intelligent opinion on that... I think we are heading in the right direction though.........
  7. You really need to curb your enthusiasm, lol.... Great start for a new era.....Maybe, just maybe, after a few more solid performances, we might get some respect from the so called "expert analyists from around the NFL. You know like, the group of FOX guys on the pregame show, 4 of 5 who picked Houston over Pittsburgh as their upset pick. Go FALCONS!!!!!!!!!
  8. congats to TD and the FALCONS. Great game by m. turner, offensive line and defense as a whole. Matty ice, oh yeah baby, the Falcons are for real!!!!!!!
  9. Hmmm... interesting, but in my opinion, i don't think Parcells would have done anything different with respect to the Falcons QB situation, that eliminates Pennington from the scenario, anyhow, imo we are much better off with a "diamond in the rough" QB, Matt Ryan than an oft injured one, Pennington. funny how things sometimes work out for the best. great job TD AND GO FALCONS...
  10. Yeah...Whatever... might as well start off our "3" Win season tommorrow with a thumping of the Motor city Morons, eh??? 9-7 baby, GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!
  11. Don't think u cud post that dollar bet, cause if u won, not a CPA or anything ,but i doubt very serious if anyone could cover it.
  12. Friday's USA Today's sports section, NFL Preview section, has the Falcons listed as a 1 in a sextillion(10 to the 21power) Or 1 Thousand trillion to 1 longshot to win the super bowl. Not even suggesting that we will win it, but why such a large number ???? Why the overkill??? GO FALCONS...
  13. Simple in my opinion, shut down their running game, and from what i've seen doesn't compare with the falcons's (Rudi Johnson addition notwithstanding)., Put minimum pressure on Kitna and the LIONS will be in for a long day, i know ,easier said than done, but i believe we have the talent to do just that. History - thaTs my biggest worry, a overall 9-23 record against Detroit, with no ryhme or reason, good years/bad, home/away?? go figure..... GO FALCONS..
  14. lol. Tandy is the wife, husband is 49'er fan. great room though... cmon sunday...
  15. Offense- Matt Ryan, 19-31, 278 yds. JMO, but i think Lions D will be so focused on stopping the running game early, that Matt will throw for a couple of quick hitters across the middle for big gains. Defense - Jamal Andersen. Finally breaks through, 2 sacks and a forced fumble. Brent Grimes should also play well.
  16. Virginia Beach, Va. i sprung for the NFL ticket this time.
  17. At home, thanks to direct tv. I used to go to various spors bars, but it got to a bit lonley being the only Falcon fan. GO FALCONS, Cant wait.
  18. Pre-Season win/loss records, to an exent are meaningless, believed we went 3-1 last preseason(2007). ATLANTA 17 - DETROIT 14. Should be a good close game. GO FALCONS..
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