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  1. Never overlook a divisional opponent. Their offense is still potent, with Brees and Reggie. Personally, i would be happy with a split. But who knows????? FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!1
  2. Stephen Jackson, 56 yd td run, rams 31 - boys 7, who would've thunk it????? :P :P :P
  3. Slow day on the MB, eh , another i would have drafted Dorsey, Brohmn, etc over Matt Ryan thread. Oh well, must be a bye week
  4. For my wife's sake i hope they do. This coming from a diehard, and i do mean diehard Cubs fan. She's still reeling from their early exit from the playoffs -_- -_- . Bucman, when are you gonna go out and buy a Matt Ryan or Roddy White jersey??? Cause i really believe, deep down you are a Falcon fan at heart
  5. Probably niether. Alll NFL teams, as stated previously are Professional in their approach to each game, the compentant ones at least. I believe they wont look past this team, if they do, their bad!!!! What separates this TEAM from prior Falcons teams is not talent, but the intangibles, i.e Heart, determination and last but not least CHEMISTRY. These traits are what will propel the Birds to a playoff spot, and alot sooner than some may think!!!! FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!!
  6. He knows, don't you Bucman, heck he can't even spell Gaines right, huh buckman??? :P :P :P
  7. Felix Jones, Deshawn Jackson or Matt Ryan, hmmm.... My money is on Matt Ryan, but what do i know, i'm an biased homer and proud of it!!! FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!!
  8. Abe, Roddy and m. turner for sure. Honorable mention to Elam and Baker. FALCON FEVR, CATCH IT!!!!!!!
  9. Excellent assessment. While we may be the most talented team around, this team in my view is something special. One other thing this TEAM, has more than Falcon teams of the past is CHEMSTRY!!!!!. This is from an avid follower and supporter since the birth of the Falcons FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!!!!!
  10. I guess i'm a dreamer. Myself, i think ya'll bring up a lot of valid points with regards to needs in the secondary, dline, etc. But that being said, i truely believe, given the CHEMISTRY i've seen thus far, i think this TEAM will finish the year with a winning record. iI stand by my day one prediction of 9-7, so flame away!!!! FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!!!!
  11. Pacman, WHOOPS, I mean Adam Jones, has played his last game. He is not a Falcon, so totally irrelavant to the happenings in "HOT LANTA". FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!! :P :P
  12. Great, Justly deserved!!!!! FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!!!
  13. Very nice, perfect song. got a question for anyone, everytime i click on these vantage pt links, vid freezes up occasionaly, anybody else have this problem??
  14. Just heard on the nfl network, the Falcon/bears game will be the 2nd game re-aired wednesday... FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!!!!!
  15. Thanks, CLASS ACT. Great game, almost sad one team had to lose, ALMOST. Who knows, we might meet again in the playoffs. Good luck to ya'll for the rest of the year.
  16. After MJ Caught that sideline pass, i was trying to calculate the fg attempt in my head, but was so nervous i couldnt. When jason lined up for the kick, i dropped to my knees in front of the tv and silently prayed. whew what a finish!!!! FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!
  17. II can't call it , you make the call . Without a doubt the most most exciting Falcon win i've ever seen...... FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!!!
  18. You should feel like a idiot, jk :P Probably, the greatest Falcon comeback win , given the circumstances iiv'e ever seen!!! FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!!!
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