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  1. I'm with you on that, man, those unis are much better looking than the current one
  2. Junior Miller's, TE, nickname??? i give up :P :P
  3. Yep, i believe you're right, you know iwas watching the nfl network a few weeks back, they were doing a special on the top ten defenses of all time and youu would think that would have made honorable mention
  4. Help????? i recall, could be wrong though, something about one season, could be 1978, that the falcons held opponents to the lowest ppg avg. a record that still stands???? anyone????
  5. Bingo, junior, my man... man am i old!!!!!! :P :P :P
  6. Who was the starting running back for the birds in their first year????
  7. norm van brocklin, aka the "FLYING DUTCHMAN"
  8. Golden boy i believe was his nickname :P
  9. wild stab, but i bellieve they hold the record for the least ppg avg by a defense????
  10. Ya know, i don't remember, didn't get one nbr right and tossed it away, oh well
  11. I had a vision too, i would win the lottery, but it didn't happen : Seriously though, this game should be closer than that. Beleve keys to winning wil be containing Mcnabb via effective pass rush, holding Westbrook to minimum yardage, etc. I believe the offense will be just fine. Falcons 23 Eagles 21 in a thriller.... FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!!!
  12. We need to concentrate on the Eagle first. But i agree, their defense is truely horrible. But a lot can happen between now and wk 11. Hopefully they will keep playing the way they have been, then that game won't be has tough as i thought. FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!
  13. Great story, see, good things happen to those who wait FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!!!
  14. I live in Virginia, so i don't attend the games... You really don't think you're gonna get many people to say they do, do ya???? Absolutely very few would admit they left the Bears game early :P :P :P :P
  15. Whew, i thought judging by the title of this post, you went out bought Playoff tickets, curious though, how much did said Jersey set you back??? Not that i could find/ buy one, living here in Redskins country :P FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!
  16. While ya'll are correct regarding keys to making this a competive game offensively, my major concern lies with the Falcon defense. Will the defensive line, in particulay JA98, apply ample pressure on Mcnabb??? or was his (JA98) performance against the Bear a mere tease??? We have to give our secondary help against Donovan. Frankly, i'm not too worried about the Philly defense, Matt and company will do fine, i'm more concerned about our defense. The Westbrook/Mcnabb duo will be hard to contain and if our D doesn't bring their "A" game, it could be a long day....... Birds 23 Eagles 21.... FAL
  17. Excellent assessment, that's the reason i truely believe that's the Falcons will finish with a better record than the Boys. I know that sounds far fetched, but all the talent that money can buy doesn't equal success. Take baseball for example, why is it the Yankees, given their talent are sitting at home watching the Rays??? While the Falcons are not as talented as the Cowboys, they in my view are light years ahead with regards to TEAM CHEMISTRY. FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT
  18. While i don't wish any injury on any player, let's say, i'm not disappointed that he may not be availlable when the AINTS visit the dome :P :P Man, that dude scares me. FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!!
  19. Yeah, just heard that as well and posted it.....
  20. Just heard he will have knee surgery and will likely miss 3-4 weeks.. FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!!!
  21. I doubt he will. Looking like the Rams may not be the big pushover we all thought. Oh well, that game is a long ways away :P :P FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!!!!!
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