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  1. I've got a really good feeling about this game Go Falcons, clip them Eagles....... FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!
  2. Falcons 31 Eagles 17, Mcnabb is going down!!!!!! GO FALCONS FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!!!!
  3. FALCONS 31 EAGLES 17. Everyone talking about the bliz package that the Eagles are going to throw at us, but i believe the shoe will be on the other foot. I believe Mcnabb will taste the wet, muddy ground about 5 times.... FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!!!!
  4. CLASSY post, but please feel free to join us tommorow after the thrashing that the BIRDS will inflict on the Eagles. You are about to witness the birth of a stellar defensive unit, ABE, JA98 and co. will come away with about 5 sack.s ,:P :P while Matt and the boys do their thing. Good luck and here's to a injury free game. Atl 31 PHI 17 FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!!!
  5. The beast thing about that thread, it's on someone else's MB.... :P :P
  6. if they say so, then it must be true :P :P I guess i'll have to cancel my NFL ticket package, not!!!!!!!!!!! FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT
  7. Trust me, noboby running away with anything<< i think???? :P :P :P :P
  8. GOOD night all, this has been by far, the most enjoyable 3 hrs or so that i've spent on this MB. Thanks for the trip down "memory lane" FALCON FEVER, CATCH IT!!!!!
  9. Falcon record??? Claude Humphries maybe?????
  10. Lester Archmbeau, DE, Travis Hall DT, Shone Dronett DT and Chuck smith DE
  11. you sir, are correct, i couldn't remember, knew it was some in the secondary...tks
  12. Wasn't it , i believe Ray Bucannan(s.p.) , who got popped by an undercover female police officer, posing as a hooker outside an Miami hotel???
  13. correct, man that dude was fast...
  14. Speaking of the super bowl, who was the return man who returned A kickoff 94 yds for the Falcons in our loss to the Broncos????
  15. How i wish i could forget the loss to the Broncos in the SB THAT YEAR!!!!
  16. Believe Tommy Nobis is one, Steve Barkowski maybe????
  17. Now that you mention it, i do vaguely recall reading something about that, tks
  18. and what was the answer??? ****, man you had me racking my brain!!
  19. He's not there anymore, believe he took the hc position at texas tech, texas a'm , one of those texas schools. Not sure why he would want to leave hawaii, though...
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