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  1. You don't want to see me dance, he said. It's not a pretty thing. Priceless Tony
  2. All I Keep reading in various media outlets is a blowout in favor of San Fran. I also read that ATL is the biggest home dog (3 1/2pts) in the last 30 conference title games. Guess it's time to shock the world again
  3. No, 27-7 going into 4th qtr should have been an unsurmountable lead.
  4. Didn't get the buck fifty I predicted, but solid game MICHAEL.
  5. You have to think ahaed, see I, was on there board talking chit earlier, sorta like a pre-emptive strike
  6. Shut the **** up. okay... get a fuking clue ,did you even watch the Falcons blow a 20 pt lead, and yet u have the nerve to be a "I told u so type fan" and anyone else is stimply stupid
  7. Maybe the OP has had a few "Stabs a chance"? Enjoy all and be proud and loud!
  8. They must have missed the clean hit on RG-III, which probalby laid the groundwork for his early exit from the Seahawk. You're welcome Seattle.
  9. Riddle me this, if the Falcons somehow get lucky and win today, much to the chagrin of the entire nation, what makes you think that they wouldn't be competitve against the Niners, Y'all did all right against them, right?
  10. Just win. 41-0, 10-9 i don't care, just remove that playoff Godzilla off us please.
  11. Might be 1 or 2 here that may join you, have fun and bring us a victory.
  12. I once dreamed I walked into my house and encountered Julia Roberts wearing a tie(nothing else). But she did say something in that movie that sticks with me. "I want more", which is how I feel about the Falcons success, regular season vs playoffs. Maybe your dream was better, but still love ya Julia
  13. Falcon's OL has their best game of the year, paving the way for a buck fifty for the Burner, yeah that's right. Just gotta believe!
  14. Not that I don't love me some Julio, but he needs to go off at home!
  15. Probably one of the harshest critics when it comes to the Falcons/Playoffs, but somehow I feel calm and confident - Color me stupid, but I got a warm and fuzzy about today's game. Bring on the Niners!
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