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  1. Dramatic much? Have to assume that that you don't live close enough to attend some TC's? But whatever, somehow I don't think you'll be missed. Really think this is a bit childish, but then again don't know why I'm responding since you're probable already left the AFMB. Have a great day and I personally, don't care to see you around come regular season, but hey - That's just me. So just take your ball and go home.
  2. I'll say it again, we don't need a DE. With Kroy's pending coming out and PJ's return to give us that inside push that was lacking last year, not to mention the fact that we have by all accounts improved our CB situation. Maybe, just maybe, there was a reason that the FO didn't draft or persue a FA DE, you think?
  3. Scott Starks, CB - 6yr vet to boot.
  4. I doubt very seriously that you're the only Falcon fan in FLA. I'm sure they're at least one Falcon fan in each state, now whether or not they belong to the AFMB, that something else.
  5. Don't have any fans in Fla either huh?
  6. To the OP. Don't think this has been brought up before and I, for one, find it interesting. What say you keep a tally as each out of stater checks in. Virginia. BTW: Don't believe I'ver seen any posters mention being from HI/Alaska, but who knows. :P
  7. Sure hope he's wrong. I have seen CH-23 play alot and to be kind, He's not very good. DROB, on the other hand, I've not seen and from what I've read he had a great rookie season and was hampered with injuries and a contract dispute with the Texans before we acquired him. Still believe he has to be a huge upgrade over Houston, right?. Please, for the love of all that is good, let this writer be wrong.
  8. Please do me a favor and @#!%% yourself. FWIW, I still think JWODD has alot to contribute before you guys put him out to pasture.
  9. Bump and need to keep bumped for maximum participation.
  10. You'd have that same prob at a Sports bar. I remember a few yrs back I went to a local sports bar to watch Falcons/Browns game and shortly after KICKOFF a lingering T/storm rolled in. I caught maybe 2 minutes of each qtr, needless to say I was pizzed, a BIT inebriated, but still pizzed. :P
  11. You NO there are other threads pretty much covering this same topic, but know, you have to create another one. Yet here I am contributing to this. We'll be all right with our current crop of WR'S. Just say know to T.O., no what I mean? :ph34r:
  12. Maybe because they think the answer is already in camp.,I.E. Weems, HD, Meier. Probably the same reason they didn't persue a FA DE, they like to develop the young talent they aquired thru the draft.
  13. Does anyone know how old the OP IS? i think Y'all are assuming that the nbr 51 in his user name signifies his age. Could it be the nbr he currently wears in Pee Wee F/B? Just wondering :ph34r:
  14. Offensive - JPW, Mike Johnson and most particularly Kerry Meier. Defense - PJ, Spoon and Franks.
  15. Thanks for the read. Great attitude and from all reports the young man has been quite impressive in camp thus far. Funny tho, article doesn't even mention Kerry Meier, from what I've read he been the most impressive of all the rookies, but Franks has been turning some heads as well. Note to Beerman - Leave the dirty Skank alone. :ph34r: :ph34r:
  16. While I certainly don't understand the continued infatuation with Dorsey, you could also say Chris Houston is a horrible CB, why did Detroit trade for him?
  17. No sir, I'm not. Each year he garners praise from the coaching staff. Yes i do realize he is the product of another regime. Just think they are marking time till the younger studs get their NFL legs, then he will be quitely shown the door. But who knows, maybe the light comes on for him this year, I think we all hope that, but, been there, done that.
  18. Word of advise friend, please to have your facts straight when sparring with the great Gazaoo.. That would be 2.5 sacks in his young career.
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