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  1. Not neccessary you in general, but we see, or I least I do, a differerent Falcon team from time to time, and if it's true that the players get complacement, then maybe they need to find another line of work, cause for the majority , complacency means indifference.
  2. Anyone know the limit of likes afforded a poster per day? I might run out in the next few minutes.
  3. LIKE.. I have to canvass the last several days and make up for lost times.
  4. BS - Hopefully the Falcon coaches/players don't share your sentiments. Had the Falcons displayed half the focus/energy in the second half of the Hawks game then we wouldn't be witnessing the national disrespect that is previlant today. Excuses, excuses, and y'all cry like babies when someone says something detremential about the Falcons. SMMFH.
  5. Can someone give me a good reason why this situation hasn't been explained/addressed by an admin type? Jesus - Explain, put this issue to bed one way or another. It's just not that freaikng difficult.
  6. Bottom line, Roddy said that Nolan's defense chit the bed.
  7. Well, hopefully the precieved laziness Roddy alludes to or lack of attention to detail doesn't come home to roost. Personally, I agree with Roddy, I have not yet, less the Giants game seen this team play a full 4 qtr game, Just freaking tired of having to rely on last second comebacks.
  8. Hopefully, the joy of of your birth will entend through the weekend. Have a great day Ken!.
  9. Might just be me, but it's shaping up to be a perfect scenario sportwise. Bama - BCS champs, my Favorite band in the dome giving the Lombardi champs some southern love, man, life's grand for this Falcon fan.
  10. Cooler story would have been announcing the winner several days ago as he promised, the maybe a deserving out of town fan wouldn't have to make last minute travel plans.
  11. TBH, I have to say I dunno. Would love to see the Falcons play four QTRS like they did the 1st 2 against the Hawks.
  12. WTF are u talking about? Maybe u need to step back and relax for a minute
  13. Welcome Niner fan. Not much shaking on y'all's board regarding this sunday's game.
  14. Absolutely, biggest critic of the OL, but those guys played out their Azz and guess what? As you alluded to, the running game benefited.
  15. Hmmmm... Maybe give it to a newly joined poster and save ur money. Apologies in advance if I'm wrong
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