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  1. Need to win this one for all of our Fallen Falcon Brothers/Sisters. Rise up!
  2. By your thread title, I thought we had a last min injury to our secondary and we're forced to play Gonzo in the back end. But yeah saw that and it sure would be nice for his last home game to be a memorable one
  3. Exactly. Just be consistent with your opinion, one way or the other. Don't get all wishy-washy, when the situation is not as you precieved it.
  4. I think I heard the door to the bandwagon closing.
  5. What did you say earlier? You didn't want the win?
  6. Same here and had to work all night, gonna retire now and will be rising up at 2. Lets go Falcons!
  7. Make sure u guys get alot of pictures and post em Monday morning!
  8. No Falcon player in the limelight for a sexual indiscretion on the eve of a hugh game, would be my guess.
  9. In the end it worked out well, but just like last week, this game's loser goes home. No sense in saving for a rainy day.
  10. Please, somehow that statement isn't comforting, given the furious comeback the Hawks displayed in the 4th qtr.
  11. 19-17 Falcons, defensive battle, with Junior ice man, M. Bryant coming through in the clutch once again.
  12. My only point is, I doubt Faclon's coaches/players are focusing on our past inadequacies or past rivals, but are looking looking forward to the future, rather than dwelling on the past. RTFU.
  13. Not about revenge imo, it's about the Falcons rising up and not choking. Never had BTB winning seasons, okay, you can check that off your bucket list. No playoff wins under the current regime, ditto. - Forget past rivals, this is a new day and age and the past is irrelevant.
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