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  1. Greatly disappointed at being soooo close to a SB. Turned the page to next year tho, hopefully we can get some help on the defensive side of the ball via either FA/Draft.
  2. WTF? Are you just an attenttion seeking diva. I'll let you in on a little secret - After yesterday's loss, IMO, any self respecting Falcon's fan would have no interest in the SB.
  3. But, but, but, we didn't score a single point in the second half. Defense needs alot of work during the off season.
  4. From a tv viewer's prespective, that crowd was as loud as I've ever heard.
  5. Thank you Captain obvious. "If we had won, half these post wouldn't have been posted". But sadly, we didn't win and sugar coat it, and make excuses all you want if that make you feel better, but the Falcon's defense just wasn't up to the task.
  6. Playing starters for any prolonged period in a meaniless game was, and will always be assinine. Risk vs reward comes to mind, Risk - Possible injury to a key player - Well, we paid that price in the long run. Reward? Absolutely nothing. For the record, hindsights and all, I too expressed my displeasure in playing key starters in the threads mentioned.
  7. Heartbreaking bitter pill to swallow, no doubt. Some here are crying about the preceived ball call/non-calls by the officials, the inability of the offense to score in the second half, but to me, and don't mean to regurgate what others have already have said, but outside a few series, our defense is straight out garbage. Coordinators were the problem in yrs past, so it has been said. MM OUT DK IN - What's changed - For sure a more dynamic passing offense, better pass blocking, but at what cost? Running game deteroriated, guys cant run block to save their lives. Nolan - I really don't know if h
  8. Y'all some crying, whinning beychoes. MR carried this team for the most part of the year, but he doesn't play defense. This game was on Nolan/defense.
  9. Maybe if the Falcons defense could possibly resemble a compenent defense in the 2nd half then this would all be moot
  10. What so sickening is the the cry babies on this forum who continue to pick one or two preceived bad call(s) and try and make excuses for this team's loss. Wah, wah. Grow the fock up, great start defensivily, but like last week , we faded in the second half, only difference it caught up to us this week. Matt and the Offense deserved better.
  11. Y'all some crying ******, You wanna cry bout something, cry about the blown lead give up by the defense. MR and offense played their butts off.
  12. We can't being going to the well this often, "Getting a comforatble lead and expecting MR to pull it out at the last second". Cmon Falconss!
  13. Amazing first half for the O, specially,MR/JJ and the OL, fast start for the Defense, then they forget how to tackle and cover the TE. Please Nolan get ur guy's minds right so we can move on to the SB
  14. PLease not again, cmon Offense answer up!
  15. Not fallling for that trap again, thought we had an unsurmountable lead late against the Hawks.
  16. Hope he has a warm seat on his plane ride back to Frisco and gets a less than warm reception by the fans and he tries to explain away today's loss
  17. Worked all night, tried to sleep, couldn't. Dayummm, will 3PM ever get here?
  18. Bold prediction by Irvin on the NFLN this am was that RW/JJ/TG would all have 100 yds rcving. That would be nice.
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